Piers Morgan’s Life Stories With Michael Parkinson [01-06-2019]


  1. Laura Sheffield

    Why is everyone having a go at him in regard to the Helen Mirren interview? I thought she was the one who came across rude.

  2. Jac-Henry Owens

    Michael Parkinson what a brilliant man and broadcaster he is! I love the beat in the background from 4:54 to 5:45 I wonder what song it is…

  3. Wilhelm Tauber

    Parkinson is a miserable and self superior Yorkshireman who we didn't much like in the 70's, and even less now. Why was he knighted for heavens sake? For services to his own pocket I suppose! Russel Harty was far more fun to watch.


    Alan Whicker IMHO the best. Parkinson would talk about his beloved Barnsley and working class roots yet lived in stockbroker belt of Surrey Interesting

  5. Catraoine Kelly

    National Treasure is our 'Parky' xxx

  6. Who Remix

    “Dame Edna” touches face

  7. Just starting out

    Ok, hands up who else shed a tear through this one

  8. Meir Wise

    Hard to see Parky ageing.

  9. Itsonly Me

    Parkinson is a miserable hypocrite who had nothing but contempt for his audiences!

  10. gary hurdiss

    Pissed up old cunt x

  11. Lee Stewart

    Parky – What a legend.

  12. richard fielding

    what i love about this is that piers thinks he is this big hot shot celeb but all he can get on his show are d-list's HA!


    Only one Alan Whicker class the rest are amateurs

  14. Trenton Crisp

    I really think Barry Humphries should have been mentioned in this interview. Barry and Michael made great TV.

  15. Cloud Strife

    Can’t stand Parky, arrogant beyond belief

  16. Donna G

    Grew up watching this gentleman, the best.

  17. satchfan2010

    They had to show that evil war criminal Blair.

  18. Dominic AaAaa

    i'd pork michael parkinson

  19. Evonne Okafor

    Was lucky to have to get a ticket to see Parky in 2001. Was lucky that he had David Bowie as one of his guests and I can tell you I felt I had hit the jackpot.

  20. faye shanahan

    Love this definitely hands down some of the best tv I’ve ever seen in a long time ❤️

  21. Damien CALLAGHAN

    The reason why Parky is the best is because he asks you a Question
    And then he LISTENS to the answer
    He does not interrupt. Jonathan Ross could never do that
    And the Yanks…. Letterman, Kimmel, Conan. Don't even start……..

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