Photoshop CC – How To Create Arrows


  1. CuteFox

    Thank you Sir. You are the king of arrows!

  2. Value Venture Investing

    What if when I click the drop down I don't see the arrows?

  3. ابو العلاء الحضرمي

    Thanks how I can curve the arrow withe out lose the smooth shape

  4. David Brown

    Awesome! Thanks!!!

  5. It's HEMOND TIME!

    epic voice.

  6. Mary Carla

    Great tutorial! Thanks so much! Easy to understand. It's so nice to see Vlad the Vampire getting into another line of work. haha. I kid. He could easily do voice overs or hypnosis tapes with that velvet voice.

  7. ChosenOne VR

    Shhhhh my dog is sleeping

  8. nadir bengana

    Arrow heads, perkele

  9. Cheryl Griffin

    Dracula draws arrows.

  10. Onur Yıldırım

    The arrows i draw don't set as a new layer, they shown like rasterized on background and unmovable. What should i do to make them seperated objects? Thanks for help.

  11. Jesse Vargas

    oh my god you got the most boring voice in the world!!! couldn't even watch the first 15 seconds of this video

  12. JC Mills

    good video. On the premade arrows it drives me nuts that you cannot make them point one way or the other without an extra step to rotate them using the move tool.

  13. reibang chakma

    bloody deep voice. good video though haha

  14. Mark Prouty

    Perfect – Thanks!

  15. Sinn

    why does this feel like an ASMR ( i know its now)

  16. AfroChicMedia

    thanks, you do voice over work? 🙂 I know you probably get that all the time!

  17. Norman Butler

    I really found this very useful but I wish YouTube wouldn't put up the bloody title where the menu bar is as it makes it difficult to see, but nevertheless thank you for posting.

  18. Bordeqq

    thx boss.

  19. monkeyseatcatfood

    nice video. it gave me ASMR. thanks.

  20. Julian Schecter

    Thank you very much for that presentation! You made it so easy to understand. Also, you have an awesome voice! You just earned a new subscriber! 🙂

  21. Kermand0

    This was really helpful, you explained everything slowly and showed how everything was done. Thank you very much.

  22. smilsmith

    Wonderful tutorial! It shows a lot of different techniques very concisely in a way that's easy to understand. The first minute shows a quick overview of the types of arrows that the tutorial covers and how to make a simple arrow. The rest of the tutorial shows how to make modifications and more sophisticated arrows. Very comprehensive and simple!

  23. John Dugan

    Nice tutorial, thanks. The fact I was looking for a video on how to draw a line in Photoshop is pretty much why this software drives me nuts!

  24. Natasha Taylor

    I was searching online for some few days on how to change the arrow size, thank you so much this tutorial is excellent!!

  25. Ray Jr Gutierrez

    very cool thanks for the help!

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