Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Review

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on Nintendo Switch. Also available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. Richie Wayne

    To whatever ign reviewer gave this heinous score, Would you care to D I E

  2. SylkaChan

    New Idea, anime world's women's right for anime girls. Since it takes place on Earth and mentions real life places, it takes place in jam combination of the West and Japan in one place (EPIC GREATEST ANIME EVER!!!! FOR ANIME GIRLS!!!) SYLKA NURU POWER!!! IT COULD BE THE OPPOSITE OPINION OF THE EVENING STAR!!!!

  3. Shaine Morrison

    Neve played it, its on PSN for 19.79. I'm thinking about buying it…

  4. Mike DiCiero

    I've always wanted to play the Phoenix Wright games for DS but never got around to it, now I have a Switch so this seems like a great purchase to me. Plenty of people will get a great chance to experience the games for the first time, remastered in a better package quality.

  5. My life studio

    It's supposed to be 9/10

  6. ThatCanadianGamer

    Yet again ign is dog s****************

  7. Mazen Ayman

    If the black guy goes to jail then I am buying

  8. Wesusa Paints!

    Played most of them before, should i get these even if ive played them?

  9. haide secretario

    "The defense is ready, your honor."

    -Wright's First Words when entering District Courtroom no. 1

  10. oscar c3123

    How long is one entire game on three? I want to buy it but it seems strange to me only 30€

  11. 1DNEZ

    Is there a moderne take on this? Just imaging a game like this that has the same great premise and writing but with complete voice acting and with less rigid and linear approach to gameplay. Not commenting on this game, just seems like a structure that can be expanded upon.

  12. The flying fish

    That hurt, 7.5 really

  13. Zyzics

    7.5? OBJECTION!

  14. Nick Pense

    Is justice for all worth playing through just for the final case?

  15. For December

    this remaster is a downgrade. The sprites aren't lively like they are in the DS version.

  16. Dogma

    Watching an ign review is like going on facebook for world news.

  17. John Hatzis

    To every negative statement

  18. Sher

    The Yakuza series contain dialogue too. It is a masterpiece. If u want to play mindless games. IGN recommends Call of duty and Battlefields which is simply a rehash of the same year by year..

  19. Nogardo

    I’ve played through them all on DS and would to do it all over again on Switch 10/10

  20. DaviZombii

    No hay español, que decepción 🙁

  21. Fadel Newtonjr

    Really? 🙄

  22. Steel Venom 330

    To IGN I leave… A Boot to the head!

  23. Merlin Wizard

    7.5…. 😒 seems legit

  24. Skye

    imagine lowering the rating of a REMASTER because there is no new content in a REMASTER. IGN proceeding to always hit the lowest low…

  25. Miles Weinberg

    This comment section saved me. I almost didn't buy the game then read how every single comment was shitting on the review lmao.

  26. Mike Mohamed

    I hate gaming journalists.

  27. Maybe Joel

    Maybe IGN should've hired a journalist who actually enjoys to read dialogue when they play games. 7.5? Seriously? This game is objectively incredible.

  28. Ally Silver

    The problem with the Trilogy is not the remaster itself but how Ace Attorney games work, the most fun on the games are the misteries itself, after you know the answer to them, you have no real incentive to play the games again even for nostalgia sake.

  29. Rofi Juliansyah

    I just…can't stand the graphic man.
    Why the hell they implement the mobile version graphic rather than polishing the original version a bit

  30. Pascal Huyghe

    Played it 3 times allready on DS. Bought this pc version day of release. Having a blast playing through it again! Anything below 9.5 is a crime for this masterpiece.

  31. Yoshi Gamer

    HOLD IT! that 7.5 rate is outdated!

  32. ถ Tho Tung

    What a bad review score.


    60 hours!!

  34. Jordie84

    Objection!!! This game deserves 10/10.

    Take That!! We played it 15 years ago and it was a masterpiece, for a people who never played it before, and they tried it today, it will also feel like a masterpiece.

    Not many games can get such high score without those 3d graphics. This however, has stood through time. From the characters, the story, the music. Everything on this was spot on.

    Another game that is on par with this is professor Layton, but I give the edge to Phoenix Wright.

  35. Joshua Cameron

    This is my first time playing these games. Your complaint about no new content means nothing to me.

  36. F.B.I Officer

    Just waiting For The Next Addition to the Series…

  37. James Vasquez

    I don't care about having it on multiple systems. I still enjoy replaying the cases. The only thing that I noticed in this version isn't an issue for me, is that in this port a lot of characters eyes aren't colored in and are just gray. I don't listen to IGN reviews anyway because they just say a lot of bad stuff about games that aren't really bad. I just visit their channel to see how much bad stuff they say about games.

  38. Lillhogge

    Its been years since ive played these games, Im getting this. NOW.

  39. woobiedoobieify

    I've come to the conclusion that IGN, through their reviews of Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice and now this, do not understand the brillance of these games. They talk about new content and yet it seems that they give for example CoD games 9/10 everytime.

  40. Benjamin Vanhees

    I've replayed these games twice and watched several let's plays of it… it's a masterpiece if you haven't played it yet and don't let the 7.5 score make you think otherwise!

  41. Rift Shredder

    This game collection has been ported countless times but I don't care, the Phoenix Wright games are finally available on Playstation and Xbox, now more than just Nintendo fans can enjoy this series

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