PES 2020 Review – Can It Compete With FIFA 20?

PES 2020 Review – Can It Compete With FIFA 20?

PES 2020 Review PS4 PC XBOX ONE
eFootball PES 2020 Review Better Than FIFA 20?
PES 2020 Honest Review With Gameplay

In this video i give you my honest review on eFootball PES 2020, a football simulation game developed and published by Konami for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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  1. Hitman89

    I hope you find this review useful! 😜👍
    I'll also be reviewing FIFA 20 when it's out so stay tuned! 👀
    PS: Special thanks to for making this video possible!

  2. Alladeen Madafaker

    The only thing that stops pes of being more popular than fifa are the licenses,and the thing that ea is a more popular brand,ea sells year after year the same game with only updated squads and people still buy it. In my opinion pes was ahead of fifa years ago and still is.

  3. Marcelo Jimenez

    It’s way better than fifa 20

  4. Izec M

    nowhere near FIFA

  5. Mehtab afridi

    Can u please ans me one thing??? Can u differentiate between messi and umtiti? No…everyplayer feels the same either it ia the attacker or defender or midfielder…..gameplay looks like if there is some slippery material applied to the ground…..please messi and umtiti??

  6. Stephen Sookram

    Fifa player here. Someone please teach me to shoot in PES lol

  7. Bouaziz Oussama

    Ahla w sahla 😂

  8. Godspower Ikechukwu Anthony

    Ps4 Pes commentary same as ps3 pes commentary, very little or no adjustments made, player celebration same, just liitle adjustments

  9. ANAS T M

    Pes is best

  10. GHOST OmegaLul

    The pack opening animation on PES 2019-2020 is just so satisfying to watch. And Konami is also focusing on the Mobile version as well, which is also very realistic considering it's a mobile game. And 2019-2020 is the era of Mobile games, like PUBGM, Call of Duty, League also has a mobile version next year, and PES Mobile has always been better than Fifa mobile

  11. Denied

    PES is literally just a football game not game for noobs its really hard to score in PES

  12. Story Teller

    Hey pes/fifa fanboy, stop become pes/fifa fanboy. Just play both !

  13. cyde manchester

    Everyone thinks his mother is Only a Good Cook

  14. cyde manchester

    I like PES much than any other game. If you like Fifa is up to you.

  15. TurtaLife

    I know probably no one plays but in Become a Legend of PES… the AI…its cancer. The rest seems good tho compared to Fifa 16 with 2020 kits patch update.

  16. Ante Olovo

    title should be: can fifa compete with pes?

  17. Agrim Tara

    The question should be does fifa 20 Compared to pes 20

  18. Shad0W

    correct the title, no one compares FIFA to a PES

  19. Ander Galeatxe

    Spot on review. One thing to have in mind. Pes is better than last year. Fifa has Volta…

  20. Imoćanin

    Both games are shit 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  21. Manu Suarez

    I stopped playing PES after 2007 and switched to Fifa from 2008-2019. In those years I tried Pes 2010.2011,2013,2014,2015,2017,2018, and 2019 and they felt like shit compared to fifa. Still I got Pes 2020 and it feels amazing opposed to all the previous ones. I also tried the new fifa and it feels exactly like fifa 19 but with less teams and licenses. I'll just stay with fifa 19 and pes 2020 for now

  22. dominic clarke

    One of the best football games I'm so glad I got it over FIFA

  23. Manu Raczak

    Play online and you will see how bullshit pes 20 is…

  24. Whiterun Guard

    I disagree with everything except online play, if you want to play online go to fifa.

  25. osman mustafa

    Part of the beauty of it is being unrealistic… To me at least

  26. I Am DeAdsHoT

    PES problems you can live with, FIFA problems render the game unplayable!

  27. Mosaab '

    2:32 are you tunisian for real ? ❤

  28. R J

    Why the fuck cant PES get licenses?? At least they had the UCL and now thats gone. If they had licenses, RIP FIFA.

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