People Who Tried To Keep Up With Fashion But Went Too Far

People Who Tried To Keep Up With Fashion But Went Too Far

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  1. how bad me be

    i want those punk crocs whadda hell

  2. Alexis Yoko

    You forgot the pants without pockets…

  3. Bernd Arndt

    0:26 that hair looks sooo good. The cut is shit and the beard is shit too but the color is fantastic.

  4. AJ Johnson

    braided hair poitrait is cool… bu that is like the only black trend in there😬

  5. Andrei Daet


  6. Bruce Banner

    Please change the title. This has nothing to do with fashion, but mostly humor and creativity.

  7. Armando Alcala

    I like the coveralls.

  8. Izzy J

    0:19 is just a project. It wasn't meant for everyone, and it's part of a contest. Hey, it's pretty cool, too. I think the guy who made it has a Youtube channel.

  9. Red Star Gems

    Sometimes people wearing the jeans with lots of holes and telling it new fashion lol. One guy got a hole on his jeans straight right to his center of his ass lmaoo

  10. Laniiyah Scott

    Aye, you need to take the little girl with the beads OFF OR IM REPORTING YOUR VIDEO TO BE TAKEN DOWN!! Her beads were a tribute to to Nipsey Hussle, famous rapper who was murdered. DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH BEFORE YOU MAKE VIDEOS!

  11. Diana Dobson


  12. Queen Nyia

    I'm early

  13. Marina Xu

    These bitches be funky

  14. Itzz Madzy

    Omg I can't believe I'm first 😀

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