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  1. yt studios

    Okay I disagree so that's not how children think she's not going to bring a torch to a fire I get what you're trying to say but that's not how she's going to react I know many kids like her or around her age that have fully grasp the idea that she knows not to do that again it's not influence her other situations it's just that situation specifically

  2. Wagner Nogueira

    When I was a kid, I never understood why people hate kids so much. Now that I'm 28, I 100% understand why.
    Help the planet, use condoms.

  3. Wagner Nogueira

    No, you're wrong.
    If you want your kids to be a bunch of fucking assholes in the future, treat them like babies for the rest of their lives. But if you want them to learn that you SHOULD NOT push people's buttons, go and kick their asses every single time they do something stupid.
    This milenial mentality is ruining the world. Kick your kid's ass, he'll thank you later.

  4. Ov SaberX

    My friend and I were playing a game where you run named red rover and he was running and he was clothes lined and he hit the ground so hard he went into a coma and he still is

  5. Space Dust

    The only bad thing I've been taught as a child would be not being able to express my reasons, cause when I would try to explain, my parents would slap me up the head and call it talking back. So now, I can't explain myself to anyone, because I'm afraid they'll hit me or belittle me.

  6. aqiqah asshodiq

    Ya Allah has enabled us to be good parents in the eyes of our children, parents who are examples of the goodness of our children, aamiin

  7. Tapukokomaster 124

    Haha my mom does drugs and left my dad and put me in foster care and oh boy there is alot things she has done to me but the worst thing shes done is lie to me

  8. disgrace to homo sapiens

    2:44 me at my social life when I realize it peaked when I was age 9 and has been slowly collapsing since them

  9. Encrypted

    Sometimes I think, I'm gonna be a relatable ass father and gonna be able to talk to my kids more. But after watching this video I'm thinking, man.. I'm gonna be depressed.

  10. Brendan D'Emanuele

    My dad always wants me to be like him, but he doesn’t think I know and whenever I tell him about it he just denies everything.

  11. RobloxPug Gaming

    Milk before Cereal, O K?

    Here is why, you sometimes put too much milk in your cereal, so when you put milk in your cereal first you should know how much cereal to put in.

  12. Brandy Graham

    I have a five year old cousin who I always spend a lot of time and I have been with since- like… she was born
    So I’m kinda of… practicing?

  13. Saumya Jain

    Me: Mom & dad ,I love you ❣
    My toxic parents: we don't care !!!! but u definitely should know that you owe us money which we have spent on u since the time u were born and the privileges we gave you cause we are rich ! And don't forget that you are the punching bag we gave birth to (when we thought we were ready, but still you suck 🤬) so, we have all the right to throw all our baggage & anger on you and definitely blame you for all our problems !!!!
    Why the fuck don't you die !!!

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