Panasonic R-1492 Classic AM Radio | Full Review & Demo

Panasonic R-1492 Classic AM Radio | Full Review & Demo

The Panasonic R-1492 AM portable radio brings a unique dial design to the masses. A handsome receiver that I’m happy to own.

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Features I like about this radio:
The Dial.
AM Sensitivity is decent.
Great looks.
Easy to work on.
Easy to tune.
AC input.
9 Volt battery operation.
Easily located in the used marketplace.

Overall, a fun, collectible radio to own. It may not be the best on selectivity, but it is a perfect tuner for those old time radio shows and baseball games that still exist on the AM dial.

Thank you for watching.

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    IF transformers are getting harder to obtain as everything is going digital and maybe that is a good thing as everything can be done in math.

  2. Arnold Alt

    That radio design and shape is incredible. That said, I really don't like the red.

  3. BlackWolf2a

    Great little classic radio, Nice review !
    I love those simple vintage fm/mw radios.
    I hate that the country I live in (France) decided to let down LW and MW (only FM and Digital, now…)

  4. leonard provost

    Great simple radio with super reception.

  5. Blizzard Gumtree

    I had similar results when I purchase mine. It was nice looking and the price was cheap, so I took a chance on it even though I read no enthusiasm for how it works. Only heard 3 stations when I first turned it on like I expected, then went on to clean the controls and then WOW! new radio. Daytime I was getting stations I never heard before and I use it daytime mostly for that reason. At night it still receives many stations but not as selective as newer radios. It's a dx radio for me and surprised that these Panasonic's dial high, up to 1690 and a different model 1730 if that is possible. Was Panasonic reading the future on dial expansion?…. Yes, more band scans!

  6. watershed44

    This unit probably dates from the early to mid 70s I'd guess 1973 or 74.
    You can guess because the "Panasonic" logo was revised around that time.
    Prior to that it was is a more formal font and all letters were in capital form.

  7. DriveInFreak

    Sounds to me like you need to adjust the antenna trim cap.It's on the main tuning cap (the other is the oscillator).
    Just find a weak station around 1400, and adjust the cap to peak the signal.

  8. Matt Miller

    Hi Todd, I'm thinking there might be an issue with your Panasonic there. Mine really is a great DX tuner. I was considering getting one in that green color too.

  9. Andy D.

    Hey Todd, just wanted to let you know that your videos helped me decide on my latest radio: the Kaito KA550. I ordered it tonight and look forward to getting it in a few days. I went ahead and got the Kaito clip-on reel antenna, too after hearing you talk about it. I always enjoy your videos, and thanks for all the detailed reviews and comparisons. For example, I'm really glad you showed the difference in the soft coating of the KA500 as compared to the standard plastic of the 550. That type of info is really valuable in deciding which one to get. Thanks again, and keep up the stellar content!

  10. Colcannon

    These are always the top reviews; classic radios that tune my favorite band. Thanks again todderbert

  11. MarcosDX

    Beautiful classic AM portable. I could get a NOS similar Made in Argentina, some years ago (Tonomac Junior 99). They were designed for daily use and usually, they have more than decent MW reception. Thanks again Pete for another nice demonstration. Have a nice week!

  12. TheRadiogeek

    I’m digging that dial on this cool Panasonic. I can see myself sitting out side on a hot summer night listening to some old time radio shows enjoying a cold glass of ice tea with my trusty Panasonic 1492 Thanks for showing it off. 👍👏🏻

  13. Jeff King

    Panasonic: One Of my favorite brands.
    Great radio

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