Panasonic Lumix G90 Review | Fantastic Hybrid Camera

Panasonic Lumix G90 Review | Fantastic Hybrid Camera

Introducing the brand new Panasonic G90, a brand new G Series camera with impressive stills and video capabilities. Available here:

The Panasonic G90 has some impressive stills and video spec and due to it’s compact size, it makes for a fantastic vlogging camera, especially while using it’s flip out screen.

In many ways, it feels like a mini GH5 with some more serious video features built in such as V Log pre installed which allows you to capture video with more room for colour grading in post production.

I enjoyed shooting with this camera and because of its size, I can imagine using this regularly for video work.

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  1. Sakki Durán

    Hey man really good video thank you for this. Only little question, which lens did you use for the cinematic video? It looked fantastic!

  2. Joel Kleiner

    Hi, I appreciate your short and positive review the G90/G95 Panasonic Lumix Camera. I am glad I watched your review, as you taught me a lot. I have and shoot mostly with the G9, but I also have and use the GH5. I keep different lenses on each camera when I travel as not to have to change lenses in the field. I recently added the G95 to my Lumix M4/3rds camera group to use on my next trip to South Africa. I find the GX9 as a great camera for street photography, mostly in New York City, espevially with the Leica 15mm (30mm equivalent lens). All my best and I apprecaite your information and review. Thank you, Joel

  3. Franz Weber

    Good review. Beautiful girl

  4. phil doodler

    Sounded more like an info' commercial than a review.

  5. N D

    Come on Olympus, announce the specs on your ruddy EM-5 Mk 3 so I can decide what to get, if only to get the previous Pana G85 for bargain price.

  6. long

    Does it hard to shoot 1080p 120fps without auto focus??

  7. Shark

    Where is the beautiful film locations please?

  8. John Clay

    Good review Lumix on the up (alongside GH5S

  9. dpanch_89

    Good things:
    vlog L, ibis, iso/wb/exp buttons, and mic port relocation, usb charging

    Bad things:
    Battery life, no usb c, 4k crop.

  10. dpanch_89

    Well I guess someone recently bought a transitions pack for their editing software 😂

  11. ruffdraft

    How much will it be with the kit lens

  12. Christopher Martin

    Was good to get a hands-on at your open day on 6 April. Surprised that Panasonic weren't promoting it more, it was just on their stand with their other cameras. Certainly the initial price looks a little optimistic and the camera still feels a little plasticy and unsubstantial but not as bad as the G7. Good review too.

  13. LunArtsDesign

    How good is this model for low light or astrophoto?

  14. Ari P

    please review the Nikon Z6……

  15. Alexandra Woolf

    Love this footage. Stunning imagery . I like the fact the camera is not so big.

  16. CameraDeal

    Only things that bum me out about it after tons of research are:
    – Price tag is crazy at 1200 USD
    – STILL EXTRA CROP ON 4K 30 (compared to 1080p) still don't know how much, the G85 had an extra 20% crop in 4k
    – no 4k 60 – I can actually live with that
    – Slow mo is set at 120 fps and not 180 fps, it's without auto focus and no audio.
    – nobody knows yet of they have added auto ISO in manual movie mode (this was missing on the G85) will update when I will know if it's there.
    – Can't see a body only price tag which is much needed for all of us upgrading from the G85 abd already own the 12-60

  17. CameraDeal

    Great video thank you very much!!! Does it still have that extra crop in 4k compared to 1080p like the g85 had or did they finally remove that?

  18. Pinushooter Photography

    When will it be available in Amazon?

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