Panasonic Lumix G7 Review (2019) Footage, Tips, Tricks – Should I Buy This Camera?

Panasonic Lumix G7 Review (2019) Footage, Tips, Tricks – Should I Buy This Camera?

In this video I review the Panasonic Lumix G7 and go over some specs, features, pros, cons, who its for, and whether or not you should buy it in 2019. I orgiginally bought this camera because I desparately needed an upgrade and I wanted to adjust to micro four thirds because I was also considering buying a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. I eventually switched to the Fujifilm X-T30 and after about 5 months of using this camera I thought I’d give a review, tips, and show some cinematic footage shot with this camera.

Filmed this on a Panasonic G7 with the 14-140mm OIS lens, and a Zoom H6. Picture Profile – Cinelike V (Everything down to -5). Music from Soundstripe.

First Song: IMYOUNGWORLD – Snakes

If you just want to view footage there is a clip in the beginning of the video and in the last minute.

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  1. Ajay kumar

    Hai…. Please tell me…. Panasonic G7 Camera Best or ……..?… Because I'm confused…. Please give me ur opinion….

  2. Shan Michael Escasio

    G7 or m50?

  3. Travis Dulaney

    What gimbal do you use with the G7?

  4. bot

    hey السلام عليكم brother, nice review. keep it up


    Dope video

    Now I can say I’m an og fan when he blows up , because I know he will

  6. Alex Mack

    nice video brav.i just got g7 today,and your video its really helping me

  7. Vexetonic

    Lumix g7 or Canon sl2?

  8. Russ Tafari

    Man great video. Some solid points here!

  9. Byron Phillips

    Nice review, just got the unit myself in the last week as I feel it still offers great options for the money. Nice work on the vids

  10. Wavy Wayz

    I just got into the porn industry as a director. Would you say this camera is good enough for cream pies? I’m scared that the iso would not be good enough for low light situations

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