Panasonic Lumix Bridge Camera Image Quality Comparisons

Panasonic Lumix Bridge Camera Image Quality Comparisons

I get frequent requests for help by viewers as to which of the Panasonic bridge cameras to purchase. I generally don’t make recommendations as so much depends upon the type of images that will be captured, the use of those images, environmental conditions that the camera might be used under and whether video recording is likely to feature as part of the decision.
Although this isn’t a lab-based test I hope that there is sufficient detail to allow potential purchasers to come to a decision.
From shooting in very low light levels at various ISO settings to capturing landscapes at various focal lengths the images show what each of the cameras can achieve.
The images are all captured with the cameras set back to factory default with no parameter adjustment to the JPEG processing. No post-processing of the images apart from adding screen captions.
I have also added the comparison to the Canon EOS M50 as its size and weight may be a consideration for some people concerned about the FZ1000 and FZ2000/2500 cameras
If you wish to skip to the various sections they are as follows:
5:25 Low light test series
7:47 Bright light test series
9:13 Landscape series
10:42 Macro AF series.

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  1. Luis V

    Thank you for your reviews I enjoy them and very interensting.

  2. Ray Jenkins

    I plan on adding the Panasonic G9 to my photo gear soon – while still keeping my Fz2500. The G9's micro 4/3rds sensor is about twice the size of the Fz & now I see the price has dropped @ $500 from when it was new. Being familiar with the Fz's menu / touch / function system will make the acclamation to The G9's fairly quick I'm thinking. You might consider doing a comparison of these 2 cameras. After a while of having both, I wonder which of the 2 I will find myself favoring. Thanks for making me able to benefit from your knowledge.

  3. Stanley Debono

    Thank you Graham for a very informative video.

  4. George E Harrison

    Which camera the FZ2500 are the FZ1000 has the best sharpness for pictures?

  5. dipsyfriday

    FZ 80 and 1000 are my favorites of the images you presented. The Canon images seemed unusually dark by comparison. The FZ80 is a remarkable value!

  6. IRB091006

    I haven't studied the video in detail but at first glance there seems to be very little difference in sharpness and noise between the cameras. However, I suspect this may be because we are seeing the full frame on a video clip. Surely the images should have been blown up to 100% and cropped to fill the video frame in order to show the real differences between them. Full frame images viewed on TV screens or even the best computer monitors (5K 27" iMac in my case) won't really show any variation. Under these circumstances the poorest camera will probably be indistinguishable from the best.
    Ian R. Brown

  7. Patric J

    Since a few weeks I am a so far satisfied owner of a FZ300.
    When it comes to the video I am surpriced that the biggest difference between these shots is the color reproduction between the cameras. Also I am surpriced there is not much of noticeable sharpness difference neither between the cameras or between the ISO settings. Or is it just my smartphone screen which is not able to show it?

  8. Howie Young

    Graham – The landscape photos shot with the FZ1000 don't seem to be as sharp or clear as the other cameras when zoomed in.

  9. TheChakwow

    Subtitles are a disaster

  10. Qiangsheng Wu

    This is exactly what I need to learn ! ThAnk you!

  11. pierre pouget

    if too low light for the sensor,i'll carry extra light with me,or shoot infra red black and white video; speaking of video,you don't want to compare the fz2000,do you?

  12. Sagar Dinoriya

    which camera i have buy?really confused, about g85 or Nikon d5600 please suggest me

  13. Peter Kemp

    Hello Graham, you are the expert with Lumix cameras, just a quick questuion. I noticed that when I selected center mark and the pinpoint mark on my Lumix FZ300, they are off set? Is that saying my focus will never be sharp? All the best from the Bahamas

  14. Elliot North

    The fz82 has a 18.1mp sensor

  15. CrossChannelFairy

    I was wondering about the amount of creepy figures that appear in your reviews. Do you deliberately go out to purchase them, or happen across the things at car boots?

  16. Marvin A

    It's gotten quite a bit of dust ingress onto the sensor, but I still own and use the FZ200 since back when you gave it your strong recommendation. I even bought your user guide for it. I love your work and thanks for continuing to offer these informative videos!

  17. Sam Santana

    I've had the FZ1000 since day 1 and love it, but I've been using my M5 more and more and now hardly get the FZ out of its bag. I guess for me, and those who can spend a bit more on their gear, the M5 makes more sense as it's noticeably better IQ, low light and in my opinion better colours. If I want to shoot street the 22mm pancake allows me to do that better than the FZ as it is smaller and lighter and far more inconspicuous, for sport or action I use an EF-S 55-250mm STM which is lighter and sharper and easier to zoom in/out, gives me about a stop advantage in terms of equivalent noise and a bit more cropping room with 24mpx. For portraits, I use an EF50mm f1.8 STM which allows me to get far shallower depth of field and Canon's skin tones are superior to most in my opinion. For macro, I use macro rings with the 55-250mm @ 250mm. For travel, I use the EF-M 18-150mm which is both smaller and lighter than the FZ and also serves as my main landscape lens along with the little EF-M 11-22mm. I've shot (stills) events professionally with the M5 and the EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 and an EF 85mm f1.8 and the results are at least as good as my old 5Dmiii. I've listed a lot of lenses for sure, and not everyone wants to or can afford to have them all to cover what the FZ1000 can, essentially, do with it's single zoom. The point I'm trying to make is that unless you are into ALL these types of photography and are happy with the output of the FZ then the M5 or M50 for that matter will definitely be a more suitable option with none of the lenses I mentioned (with the exception of the 17-55 f2.8 which is a beast) being bigger or heavier (including the body) than the FZ.

  18. John Dekker

    Thanks, Graham. I like my FZ80, but am thinking about moving up to a Fuji XT-30. What do you think?

  19. Diman

    I enjoyed the music played in your video. still, for me, the question is: FZ300, or FZ 1000 ?

  20. Ashley Stubbings

    Hi Graham! Great video as per usual. I have just recently acquired the FZ330 and I'm really happy with it.

  21. Riistakamera videot

    I have the fz2000 and i think its the best of those!

  22. Wayne Read

    hi graham how do the fz72 & the fz200 compare to these cameras are the lenses & the sensors the same in them ?

  23. Richard* Abstracts, fitness, faith and Fender

    good to see you back Graham..

  24. Dirk W. Rotgans

    Good comparision video Graham, I still use my FZ200 as my work and travel cam besides my full frame Sony ILCE7.
    Because I do'nt have to take a set of long tele's aboard ship the bridgecam with its long focallength reach is an ideal travel cam and also acts as my backup for the Sony when doing a photo trip

  25. Peter Kroll

    The G9 dynamic range is disappointing, the FZ1000 fails in terms of sharpness, and from this selection the FZ 80 does surprisingly well for the money.
    May be it's my monitor.

  26. Abacdef Mnoprs

    Hi Graham, I think you could have included the FZ200 as well.

  27. Kenny Go

    I shoot Panasonic (FZ300 and G85) and Nikon DSLR (D3300), but I was impressed with the color of your Canon M50. I'm assuming (asking) that these are all shot in JPEG fine and no additional editing was done? As for the results, I'm still happy with my travel companion (FZ300).

  28. Steve Zalewski

    Excellent work, as usual, Graham. Thanks!

  29. RKG Austin

    What camera was this video shot with?

  30. uptowndisco2

    as a newbie , I noticed my 2500 goes to iso 80 , is that an extended setting as I seen your lowest was iso 125 , should I not be using such a low iso , does it cause a worse photo on this camera ? thanks .

  31. britishempires

    Good comparison. I'm still loving my FZ/82. Very underrated camera. I hope you can review the newer version FZ/92 when it comes out.

  32. Nick Boxi

    Excellent, many thanks Graham.

  33. Joseph Edwards

    I enjoyed the video. Why was the FZ2500 omitted from the landscape presentation?

  34. محبي الطيور المغردة

    Very nice video 💗

  35. tm4tare

    Panasonic has updated their other cameras wonder why they haven't the FZ2500?

  36. nolimbo

    Nice and informative video as always, Graham! Thanks for sharing!

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