One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Opening and All Characters [PS3]


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  3. Cruzeiro5x02008e2009

    If you guys could choose, which would be your 2 characters to get in the straw hats crew in addition to the 10 members already confirmed?

    Mine would be Coby to become the ship's caretaker and Boa Hancock to become the vice-captain.

  4. Rided wim


  5. Terlatih Patah Hati

    Arlonk, crocodile and enel…

  6. Amina Nina

    الصورة الرمزية مع وضد الانقلاب في تلمسان عاصمة ولاية تلمسان جانفي المقبل على ملعب محمد الخامس في تلمسان الجزائر من فضلكم اريد ان اكون انا لا اريد من خلال هذا الشهر المبارك في تلمسان الجزائر و المغرب من فضلكم في هذا ق

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  8. DA MotoNeko

    1. Perona joining the crew. Maybe one day.
    2. I think this game has an added appeal thanks to the craneshot of the areas in the beginning and the characters intro cutscenes before and after battle.
    3. Oh, and if anyone was wondering why the missions failed it's because Hatchan and Arlong got defeated before Nami reached them.

  9. YaBoi _AO

    Umm, that's pirate warriors 1… Edit: Nvm

  10. Wail Nasrallah

    هل العبة تشتغل على xbox 360

  11. El Primooo

    I love this game

  12. نعمان جاسم

    جميل جدا و توفوا فنيه

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    اشلن تلعب وبيس

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  16. fufubread

    what's your ps3 add

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