Oliver Heldens DJ Set (Live At Spinnin' Records HQ)


  1. katakaftYT

    What's the name of the fiesta song?

  2. msfilms

    Muy buena música para mis videos. Super!!!!

  3. StepUpYourGame

    He knows his tracks, he no need headphones!

  4. Jordi Sins

    who is here in 2019??! 😀 😀

  5. Bruno Zeita

    Kind Of Pioneer?

  6. onStage Music

    We really have come a long way, havent we?

  7. melodyflausch

    Am I the only one who actually enjoys his dancing? 😀

  8. Nacho Melkun

    aguante la multiplayer nexusssss

  9. Reinier H.

    The way he dances. He's actually enjoying his own work. Wish I was that self confident.

  10. Roy Kamui.

    Que grande que sos Oliver.

  11. Ростислав Александров

    Объебошенный утырок👎

  12. iBrayanPlay

    Puede que casi nadie hable español acá pero si van a hacer hate que sepan que el no es mezclador es “productor”. La verdad aún así no sea el mejor mezclando sin duda seria al primero que pediría que me mezclara en un evento

  13. Jamie Webster

    Misrible music

  14. z DaarcK


  15. Alecran Acnl

    Where is the 1 hour version? Or I'm crazy?? 😢

  16. EL Leon

    I would like to see more camera view of the turntables, trying to learn and identify what he is doing.

  17. Marko Paz

    Estas bien pendejo primero prendes a la gente y luego la duermes JAJJA

  18. Luca Tiberi

    I think that such a caliber’s producer, who performs almost everyday, should be able to mix a little better (in terms of complexity, the mix is actually well done but TOO simple) than this. Maybe he was playing for a radio, but also looking at some his lives this fact is clear!
    P. S. Sorry for my english, i’m italian 🇮🇹

  19. Chan

    his dance moves are the mood lol

  20. Ghevar Bhati

    It's sucks

  21. Zaid Mulani

    Bhai tu dance kar le ya bajane ka seka

  22. DJ Deckwizard

    Don't criticize the way he DJs just because he doesn't use the steriotypical tricks of "real DJing" like scratching. This is one of the most accurate representations of real DJing I've seen in a long time! It's also one of the smoothest mixes I've heard in a long time! Please respect him for the flow of the mix, which is still "real DJing."

  23. itachi uchia

    Did anyone knows what the name of the controller?

  24. Frankie Shulz

    what i just watched

  25. Cesitar

    who is in 2020?
    quien 2020?

  26. Fabian Perez

    jajajaja Oli adolescente

  27. Bruno Lazaro

    love how he puts 1 ear off the headset on his head, but still only has 1 track playing. what is the headset playing if the 2nd track is on payse at 0:00 ? I dont mind unskilled DJ's, but i dont like "fake djing" when they just touch knobs pretentind their mixing when 99% of it is just playing the track

  28. DJ-Wild-Child

    Love his dancing

  29. dylan vasey

    What a great start to a set.

  30. Joses Gustaffo Handika

    Who is here in 2019 ??
    Love from Indonesia 🔴⚪


    ur mixing giveing me chills as this is how i dj big up bruu

  32. No Name

    I love he's dancing

  33. Max Cooper

    I’m here

  34. Måseя Official

    Nice sh*t :D!

  35. Steven Bowser

    Anyone else watching in 1819?

  36. DJW Daan

    best vibes ever! thx Oliver! .

  37. Mycool

    Can dj.
    Can't dance.

  38. Diego Alexander Marmolejo Velez

    para que estos videos en que solo se les ve la cara, la gracia es ver el manejo de las consolas.

  39. Percy julio Suclupe chapoñan

    like OH

  40. Giuseppe Carluccio

    ce si cuiune

  41. franco Gomez

    I love oliver

  42. Diego XD

    Yo quiero unoo🎁😍

  43. paris Morris

    Love to see a real dj work, instead a wannabe playing the same songs over and over

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