Observation Review

Observation Review

Observation reviewed by Simon Cardy on PlayStation 4. Also available on PC.

Observation’s Incredible Title Sequence –

Observation: 4 Minutes of Alone-in-Space Story Gameplay –

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  1. Kevin De Smet

    I really like this game, it’s something different. But let’s be real the gameplay is very thin and I think a 6 or 7 is a more appropriate score. Reminds me of Observer, they even share a similar name. It’s an indie game set in one location mostly and it’s just something different, a cool experience from the standard AAA but I wouldn’t trip over my feet for it, it is in no way a 9

  2. Evan Page

    This game would have benefited from motion captured actors.

  3. steelcurtain187

    Great review. I am gonna check this one out

  4. Michael P. Shipley

    A female protagonist in a scif fi game about space exploration which is popular with and dominated by males is ludicrous and a turn off. Whats next, a female lumber jack simulator? Would you look askew at a male protagonist makeup game? Of course you would. This smacks of more obnoxious radical feminism promoting dystopian androgyny thats permeating all our entertainment now where all male leads must be replaced with females.

  5. Maximilian Y.

    wow, IGN is capable to do a proper review of a game???? and a score 9 that's not call of duty? here's my first ever like to IGN…

  6. John Raywood

    Ion storm detected near the station. Please check all AI controlled equipment.

  7. Hunter Moore

    haha people thinking the station being in the wrong place is the real twist…

  8. Rob Wills

    Was going to make my purchase.

    Not on Steam.

  9. Otto Hegman

    I’m pleased that this game is being well received,I love single player horror/thriller games. This is a must buy for me lol

  10. shanedude120

    I'm playing this right now . I discovered something and omg I've hot the biggest goosebumps ever !!! Faakkk what a suspense

  11. Harvey Britland

    I'm so happy Simon finally got this, he's on the IGN UK Podcast. Definitely worth it.

  12. Daishi T

    Just finished playing, the AI's name reminds me of Samantha Groves aka Root from POI.

  13. MareTranquil

    Says "series of cleverly designed puzzles"
    Shows a "puzzle" where you just have to click on all the pink squares, just like it instructs you to.

  14. ChipChocolatePR

    I hate this types of games where you got to look at different cameras

  15. Chris UnderWater

    Amazing, IGN making nice reviews, this guy knows, 9 it a fair rate.

  16. Eduardo B. R.

    I finished this game yesterday, took me around 8 hours, i got amazed by it, i got ZERO bugs, it's absolutely well done and implemented, a just love it, i can easily put this game at the same level as Subnautica with a 9.0 and i have the same feeling as subnautica that i would definitely play a continuation if they ever make it. There is Sub Zero in the Subnautica franchise but it's not a continuation it's a parallel story, kind of.

  17. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    Fantastic concept. This game seems like a big step forward in sci-fi genre games.

  18. Ready Player One J

    I'm playing it now,A little scary (due to the background noise ) , very confusing game (solve the puzzles with no instructions.)

  19. mohamed ahmed

    im sorry is this IGN ??? wow … nice review

  20. EnthrallingBass140

    Why couldn't it be on GoG.

  21. Carlos López

    3:29 key phrase, this guy DID play the game so he can give a review…

  22. stonerdemon

    British reviewer giving a masterclass to his american colleagues.

  23. chatovocehein

    Epic store only ruins it for me.

  24. thibaut noah

    How hard can it be to activate AUTOMATIC SUBTITLES for your chanel? It's one click !

  25. Sam D

    Listen to Cardy doing his serious voice! All grown up now bless him

  26. mecharobots

    On ps4 it has 5 1 star ratings……

  27. N.Pepe.C

    After she got the message from herself on the laptop.. it seemed so cool and interesting… but no, its all downhill from there, tedious long boring "puzzles" to finally get back to small cuts of story, to then a sadly pretentious ending that explains nothing really. 4/10

  28. tariq khandwalla

    I probably might get this game now


    i was excited, and wanted it……but its not on Steam…..sooo……..

  30. itgetsdajobdone

    I don't understand why nobody is talking about the complete absence of objective clarity with some missions.
    One mission (no spoilers) tasked me with finding damage on the outside of the ship. Not only would it not accept multiple parts of the ship that were very clearly damaged, but the only acceptable goal was ONE specific little black 'scorch' mark on the side of a module that was almost hidden in darkness. Like wtf… I have to search the exterior of an entire space station for a little burn? Seriously? There isn't even a reminder of what module the damage COULD be found near.

  31. Baizid ahmed Zidan

    Detailed review by IGN, new guy knows how to review

  32. Bo J.

    Great game. Most of the people bagging on the score obviously haven't played it, or if they have they didn't understand it and quit immediately.

  33. Hot Howard

    Too bad it won't come out till next year

  34. Aaron Sossa

    It was too slow for me.

  35. Gieron Ssj

    LOL this is not a 9/10 …

  36. randomnobody playthrough

    Sam Fisher?

  37. Seth Quillen

    Great review and agreed. I really enjoyed my time with this one. While there was some minor issues its hard to believe an 11 person studio delivered this. Must play for sure.

  38. Rhov chronicles

    Boring games like this gets a higher score than alien isolation and doom.

  39. Close

    Girl voices kill it. Average teenage girls on space station LOL.

    I like what game designers did with the station and some aesthetics, so it has that I guess.

  40. hobbes296

    This looks interesting.
    I just found out it's only on Epic though. Is it coming to Steam eventually or GoG? I don't really want to support Epic.

  41. Robert Mastenbrook

    Looks legit

  42. Natalie Wattson

    really..9/10..r u kidding me..

  43. Salem The Grey

    The game itself was interesting, but the plot disappointed me. There were too many plot holes and unexplained loose ends for my liking. A couple here and there is one thing, but when almost every major plot device/progression device is left unexplained and is just accepted as it is, that kind of bugs me. It's like asking how someone did something and responding "because magic." I am fine with a mystery/suspense oriented plot, but this felt like a mix between trying to hard to achieve something and not providing enough… not sure how else to explain that… Besides the plot-hole elements, I really enjoyed the rest of the game. It was a nice HAL-like mechanic.

  44. Joshua

    wow a nine i might get it now its onsale throught epic for 12.49

  45. Carl-Michael

    Reminds me of The Turing Test.

  46. L's Successor

    I honestly haven't heard of it until today

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