Nord Grand Hands-On Review | The best stage piano yet?

Nord Grand Hands-On Review | The best stage piano yet?

Nord Grand 88 Key Hammer Action Stage Piano – Review & UK Buyers Guide

The Nord Grand represents a new level of piano realism in the Nord keyboard lineup. Born from a collaboration between Nord and Kawai, the Nord Grand features the highest quality Nord piano voices including 10 Grands, 9 Uprights, 10 Enhanced Electric Pianos, Clavinet, Digital Pianos and many more from the exclusive Nord Piano Library.

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  1. Sean Rainey

    WHEN IS IT ACTUALLY COMING OUT??? I reeeeeeeally want this board.

  2. David Izquierdo Azzouz

    Error 2:43 RM action is not on the MP11 (in fact it's GF2 Kawai's latest and top key action for digitals), however RM3 II is found on the VPC1 and it's regarded within the best actions for stage pianos.

  3. Francesco Mastrorilli

    hi, today which is the keyboard that responds like an acoustic piano

  4. Easa Ibrahim

    Truly NORD has dominated next few decades.

  5. Jeffrey Reid

    When you press down on the Keyboard You hear less dumping sound That’s what I mean by softer

  6. Jeffrey Reid

    Both are responsive the Se feels a little bit better that’s just my opinion to me

  7. Jeffrey Reid

    I have kawai mp 7 se and Nord grand the keybed r similar but not the same . I find se is a bit softer than Nord grand both r Responsible

  8. PianoGesang

    The Fazioli (Nord 2012 Italian grand) is superior to the White Grand or the Royal 3D.

  9. Christof Roeyaert

    I have played the Kawai MP11SE, MP7SE and Piano 4. The MP7SE's keybed is very, very good, the MP11SE is heaven ! The Piano 4 is not so good, at least, I don't like it. The Grand has the same keybed as the MP7SE, which is very good, but not on the same level as the MP11SE. I know Nord has customized the action on the Grand, plus you've got access to Nord's library, but the Grand almost costs three times as much as the MP7SE. If Nord had used the Grand Feel action, I might have forked out the extra cash and gone for the Grand instead of the MP11SE. You can always add sounds, by adding a second tier, or with a sound module, or an iPad, but you can't swap out the keybed. Don't get me wrong, I like the Kawai RH3 action a lot, but I just fell in love with the Grand Feel action… As for the weight, I seldom gig, if ever, so it's not an issue for me. Still, the Grand is a compromise in my eyes.

  10. Mark Fowler

    you have a rough date for the new store opening, its much closer to my location and the only shop I would visit.

  11. YourArgumentIsInvalid

    I'm convinced. You have my permission to send me one as a gift now ^^

  12. phsycopiano

    I’m wondering if it’s possible to download the RD 1000 piano sound.

  13. Chuck Hollis

    Best review I've seen so far. Tony plays very much like I do, which is helpful. Although I fear he's a bit better! I'm heavily invested in Nord boards, but this Nord Grand seems like a serious step up for quieter (and more artistic) acoustic-level stuff. If I'm playing electric, all the nuance would be lost. I now have this one on my bucket list.

  14. Walruster

    Anyone know the name of the song at 7:54?

  15. ArgoBeats

    Kawai MP11-SE is still the King, action-wise.

  16. Zygmunt Kośny

    Sir, what type of monitor did you use to have that sound?

  17. Tim Praskins

    Nice video. The Kawai MP11SE has the "Grand Feel" wood key action…not the RM3 as you mentioned in this video. RM3 was in the older MP10 and currently in the VPC-1…but you knew that I am sure…just a momentary memory slip, yes? :). I enjoy watching your videos and listening to you play music.

  18. Dreamaholic

    Eh, you can get better keys and better sound for 1/3 of the price if you just get the vpc1 with a good piano VST.

  19. stefan ledergerber

    Yamaha CP1 is the only one for the real stagepiano

  20. Ganove's Games and Geekyness

    4k with a wooden stand, no thnx 😒

  21. Alan Calvitti

    can you really connect w plastic keys

  22. Raylan Gripp

    Nord Grand or Nord stage 3?

  23. Ken Boome

    Tony; I always love the way you capture your digital pianos as you demo. Would you please un-veil and disclose the recording path your useing. For example RU going directly out the back of the new "NORD GRAND" into a great DI box, and then perhaps a great pre-amp (at what settings?) before hitting your DAW? You know if you are sweeting up the sound, I may want to buy a few of these periperals when I'm at Bonners right?

  24. rio197

    Can't wait to try this one out.

  25. stefan ledergerber

    Yamaha CP1 is the only one physical modeling

  26. Ale il presidente

    Ben suonante ma…..bruttino assai.

  27. ShreadTheWeapon

    There may have been a time when Kawai was an ostensible competitor to Clavia. However, since it would seem that the days of Kawai manufacturing synthesizers is well behind us, it is decent of them to collaborate with Clavia in the design of this model.

    I can just imagine how quick I would be to order one of these, if I didn’t already have a more than suitable 88-note keyboard. First and foremost after its features, I love the flat surface next to the front panel, which looks ideal for mounting any number of portable instruments on top of it. That is one of the reasons why I have long fantasized owning a Rhodes 88 Stage. Up to now, the closest I myself have come to owning a digital piano is the aforementioned model, the S90XS, which is a synthesizer with a digital piano keyboard attached.

    12:17 total Robbie Buchanan!

  28. Rich B

    Does any one have comments on the Korg Kronos RH3 action ?

  29. Mike Hughes

    Please tell me the name of the song you were playing. I keep humming it but can't think of it's name.

  30. Robert Hopkins

    Oooops! I just played this video back again and the sound is reversed. The bass keys are playing on the right channel. Flip your headphones around and it sounds better!
    Tony… Go to your room. 🙂 I bet your people panned the channels incorrectly in the DAW. It's an easy mistake to make. At least that's what it sounds like to me. I heard it while you were playing the Royal Grand 3d in the upper registers at 4:00.

  31. Jason Lambert

    How’s the action compared to the RD-800?

  32. Tian Xing

    The sounds is superb. Absolutely beautiful keyboard, worth buying.

  33. Alex Font

    Tony for president!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. Keith Lancaster

    Mine is on order, but won't arrive until October! How is the being recorded? Straight line in or through speakers (and if speakers, what kind)?

  35. jazzvent

    Looks and sounds amazing ! However, it seems like you would get much more with the Kawai MP 7 SE for almost $2,000 less. I believe the Kawai has an on-board digital recorder with unlimited overdubs, 256 voices, 100 rhythm patterns, the ability to layer 3 different voices, 256 note polyphony, and the same action as the Nord Grand. IMHO, the Kawai Shigeru Grand Piano on the MP 7 SE is at least comparable to the Nord White Piano. Besides downloading various sounds from Nord, what are the advantages of the Nord Grand? What do the rest of you think?

  36. PianoManChuck

    Well done as usual Tony!

  37. Fer De Armas

    Hi Tony and friends, please tell me which key action and finger to sound connection did you prefer in order of preference between: Roland FP90, Kawai ES8, Yamaha P515 and new Casio PX-S3000. Thanks!…

  38. Straight Talk

    Thanks guys for doing this great job!

  39. keybplayer

    Absolutely amazing! If I was hearing just the audio without the video presentation I would be hard pressed in determining it was anything other than a real concert grand piano. Nord hit a bullseye with this release and I think anyone looking for an authentic grand piano sound without breaking the bank will surely give the Nord Grand some serious consideration. Thanks Tony!

  40. Phillip Goericke

    Would you review the Nord grand along side the Kawai mp11se?

  41. Matias Hosiasson

    Thanks Tony, great review. What stand are you using?

  42. Dara M

    Nice video, Tony. Kudos to Kawai for the action.

  43. namakudamono

    Great job as always Tony! Best of luck with the new store in Milton Keynes!

  44. Eduardo Gutierrez

    Thanks,,great video as always tony.

  45. Planet Dog

    isn't the piano 4 this good?

  46. Valdecir Batista

    bem melhor que kawai mp 11, nord sempre na frente, o mais sampleado, ou copiado

  47. 谷井ダン

    Thank you Tony-san!
    From old Kawai man.
    I play the MP10 sound so good,but body is so much heavy!

  48. Okay1

    Definitely the best stage piano yet – no dispute on that. Absolutely worth checking out if you need a somewhat portable or shall I say movable piano.

  49. Md.Nazmul Alam Evan

    My Top 3
    – kawai mp11se
    – Nord Grand
    – Korg Grandstage

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