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New Spiral Center Patriotic Flower Wreath / Facebook Live Replay

Thank you for watching my replay of a Facebook Live I made on my business page at:

This is my patriotic flower wreath with a spiral center.

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The Red and White Check can be purchased here:

1 – 10″ Wire Wreath Form – go to
1- 10″ White Poly Burlap (you will need 28 petals)
1- 10″ Blue Poly Burlap (you will need 5 petals)
1 -10.5″ Red and White Check Mesh (you will need 10 petals)
8″ Zip Ties – My affiliate link for the zip ties I use

Plastic Canvas – size 5 mesh
Red, White, and Blue Rope Ribbon I found at JoAnn Fabrics
3.8″ Styrofoam Ball – cut in half
Floral Pins
Felt to cover the back


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  1. Sally Chavez

    I love how you explain everything I just finished making my very first wreath and it’s all because everything is explained well thank you

  2. Trudi Trudi Trudi

    I just so happen to be scrolling and came across your video. The wreath is beautiful. I love it. Thank you 💕I did subscribe to your channel.

  3. Marilyn Kelley

    I do not think you talk too much! You explain what you’re doing so we can attempt to replicate it. This is not wasted time, but if it were, it’s time we’ll wasted!

  4. Diana Feliciano

    You are blessed with a great talent your 4th of July wreath is beautiful, you even gave me inspiration to do one, thanks for sharing.

  5. Gail Johnson

    Hey, Julie! Love your work & your tutorials! You’ve mentioned in a few of your tutorials & again in this one that you order your poly burlap from “the wholesaler”. Would you please share the name of “the wholesaler”? Thanks!

  6. Everetta Holbert

    I am not a “CRAFTY” person!!!
    Your wreath is absolutely beautiful!!!
    So very glad I found you and I just subscribed!!!♥️💙♥️💙🇱🇷

  7. MS RONI 💗

    Hello hello🤗😊 this is my first time watching one of your vids.
    Very Very beautiful👏😄 thanks for sharing. I was a little confused as to how you did the back when you mentioned the canvas🤔. Do you have a video showing how you attached the back canvas as well as how to hang them? Thank you, very much👍👍🤗😄💜

  8. Lori Sloan

    Both of my son's recently entered the armed forces, my youngest is a PFC in the Marine Corp and my oldest starts bootcamp next month for the ARMY. So as you might have guessed, anything patriotic catches my eye! I love wreaths, especially the creative ones. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your technique. This proud mama is going to decorate her door!! ~ Lori

  9. Gary mcconnell

    I was absolutely amazed about how you did that the center it was just absolutely wonderful thank you thank you thank you for sharing

  10. Holly Fridenstine

    Wonderful technique! Just found you randomly on YouTube. I subscribed as yours are the cutest wreaths I’ve seen in a long time. Love the checks! Thank you for sharing!

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