NEW META Build 52% Magic Nyx Basher + Max Attack Speed Make Enemy Rage by Yawar Imba 7.21 Dota 2

NEW META Build 52% Magic Nyx Basher + Max Attack Speed Make Enemy Rage by Yawar Imba 7.21 Dota 2

NEW META Build 52% Magic Nyx Basher + Max Attack Speed Make Enemy Rage by Yawar Imba 7.21 Dota 2

Nyx Assassin is a melee agility hero who is feared as one of the most effective gankers and solo-killers in the game. With his powerful burst damage nukes, Nyx Assassin specializes in disabling and killing lone and fragile enemies with little to no warning

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WTF is Dota 2? It’s a competitive game of action and strategy (moba), played both professionally and casually by millions of passionate fans worldwide. Players pick from a pool of over a hundred heroes, forming two teams of five players. Radiant heroes then battle their Dire counterparts to control a gorgeous fantasy landscape, waging campaigns of cunning, stealth, and outright warfare.

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    бредовая сборка!!!

  2. ton ton

    META ??

  3. Dr.Kaung Kyaw Htet


  4. Andriy Bodnar


  5. Fadlan Adima Adrianta

    i usually oick nyx but never bought item like that

  6. renato navarro


  7. Saro tobi

    That stuns im so amazed🔥

  8. kennethapresa

    Nyx nyx nyx

  9. Franz Schwartz

    Go arcana

  10. pradipo

    what a player

  11. Stenly Handy Wijaya


  12. Icarus Dante

    Nice nyx

  13. biker guy

    Lol dota1 abyssal blade

  14. Edinson Diaz

    ezz 555

  15. m1234x5678


  16. Robinson Panes


  17. kayton 375


  18. Renzo Rodriguez


  19. T Virus


  20. Dota 2 Dummies

    that meta makes nyx perfect♥

  21. Leonardo Monteiro dos Santos


  22. Sylvanas Wind Run Unnerai

    My arcana

  23. Uncle Drew

    Wp nyx

  24. Николай Спевак


  25. Abderahim Ziadi

    0 lock

  26. steven dharmawan

    Well played

  27. Joshua Corpuz


  28. Abel Huaillas

    Quiero mi Araucana, bueno video

  29. Pablo Flores Coaguila

    Yep new meta Nyx

  30. Rosmery Gálvez

    Muy buen video, felicitaciones

  31. Luis Antaurco

    Buen video!!

  32. Jhaet80

    Con estas weas veo como armarme en partidas cuando quiero divertirme a full

  33. xClainGamez :v

    hello :'3

  34. Jose Alonso Medina Jimenez

    hi from PERÚ

  35. Marcos Antonyo

    um dia jogo metade disso

  36. Wynsen Tandiara


  37. kevin caero


  38. Edmond White


  39. Akmal Maliq


  40. Lemon Yellow

    You thought you would win arkana? But it was me, DIO, that got it.

  41. William Tñ


  42. agustiarno

    Meta like that need good team work.

  43. arturo viza

    Saludos desde mi casa v:

  44. Sinan Adwan

    anyone here for the jug arcana?

  45. 0ALaNicK 0


  46. dev andreas


  47. reaper ice

    nix its soo funy xD

  48. Arigi

    ggwp tremble

  49. Luis Córdova Ascasibar

    Genial, un Nyx hc 🙂

  50. Alexander Salcedo

    Quiero mi arcano

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