New 2019 Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro Review!

New 2019 Astro A40 TR + MixAmp Pro Review!

Find out if the new 2019 A40 TR headset is great for gaming in this review + a detailed mic test!
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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• Sony A7III:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• FalconEyes LED Light:
• Rhino Slider:
• Blackmagic Video Assist:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

Music: Esbe –

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  1. TurbosnipeOne

    So question, I have a sennheiser game zero and I want to get a mixamp in terms of more loudness will this help?

  2. ReKo Ali

    Hey guys what the best a new a40 tr or a50 gen4 ?

  3. General Meyer

    There is absolutely no bass to these, when an explosion goes off in a game I love to hear that deep boom and these headphones truly don't give you that.

  4. myob2dac

    wakanda creep puts their mic on the right side?


    Can anyone answer me this question please. So if IAM streaming Xbox one gameplay through a elgato to my pc and I have music playing on my pc while streaming with this mix amp will I be able to hear the music as well as my sound from my Xbox gameplay or is it going to double up as my stream will hear my gameplay and music and I'll hear the stream and my gameplay ?

  6. beastx5323

    sounds like shit

  7. LemonBreezy1

    i have the bo3 headset, it came with the ps4 bo3 edition

  8. Αddic7ed Tube

    How loud are they my friend from 1-10 ??

  9. Vincent Posada

    what game is that?

  10. kgtgks

    god bless you is see the surround sound hasent been fixed but il buy it for the headset it self lol i see i no longer need serround sound lol

  11. Aaron Rai

    How come you haven’t done the new Astro a50 gen 4 review?

  12. Mango Head

    This guy does not have the DSS set up properly, I got mine last Friday, and DSS is all I’ll be using, this headset is the best I’ve used, I have my sounds customized for my fighting and shooting games. I was about to return them, till my uncle showed me that I did not have the right setting on my ps4 correctly. Was legit ready to return them for some Turtle Beaches or HyperX, my only complaint is that I can’t use them on my Nintendo Switch unlike the Turtle Beaches. TB can be used for my PS4, Switch, and Phone. Either way I’m keeping my A40’s, best fuckn sounds I’ve heard. I’m saying sound because the difference between the 4 or like night and day.

  13. Frankie Quick

    Looks like they haven't fixed the robotic tin-ish metallic sound of the DSS. Even with the previous gen, I think 2014, has the same problem as well. Although I still think the headset looks great and comfy.

  14. Kendrick Lapartin

    Anybody know why I’ve had them on the Xbox one for a day now I just bought new ones then out of nowhere they started ringing really loud every time I try to talk into them now.

  15. Austin Keeton

    Are you going to do a 2019 astro a50 review

  16. Joe Dirt

    Speakers break in….

  17. General Meyer

    Listening to this again on my new Astro A40 + MIXAMP Pro.

  18. Chicken Permission

    I like these because they are modular. I can replace anything that breaks. The only thing I don't like is that the mic becomes lose and sags.

  19. zR Reapz

    I personally think Dolby surrounded sound sounds better but everyone is different

  20. Ginge

    would this work for using this for my ps4 and being able to tuse it on my pc at the same time so for instance having game sound and also being able to talk to people on discord on pc?

  21. Kyle Burton

    Maybe you’re forgetting that there are customizations that can be made…that way you don’t have to worry an the tinny sound.

  22. Randy Molina

    The new mixamp kinda sucks man to be honest I prefer the previous better sound in my opinion

  23. Darth_Mario

    If you had to choose which one would you choose the Astro A40 or the Logitech G Pro X

  24. nano

    Does this work for Nintendo Switch?

  25. Riley Baylee

    Astro's Dolby settings have always sucked. Put it on stereo and get Atmos for headphones on your computer.

  26. Death Rager

    this aint wireless…. lol

  27. Myke Martinez

    I see they went back to the older style in-line mute switch. Do you know if the newer style push button mute cable will work with this mixamp?

  28. Chris Nole

    H2O delirious head set sound lol!!!

  29. J Findlay

    I’ve read so many bad things about this headset with the mix amp Pro. A10’s do the job just fine. I would love to get the A40’s but it sounds like so much hassle and I’ve read so many people having problems with their mic etc.

  30. Ali Al-Naqi

    Is astro good for iphon/ipad?

  31. Greg James

    Major question, please please help? I own the Hyper X cloud stinger (they ok but lack bass and quality sound) could I just buy that astro mixamp to hook my stinger into it? Not looking for full blown 7.1 kickass sound, all I want is slightly better sound, deeper and maybe a bit of bass? Like gunshots sound so tinny if you get what I mean, much appreciated!! I own a original PS4 so it does have a optical audio input

  32. im Zanzii

    I can’t hear the gameplay in the game on mine but I can’t hear everything else is there a fix?

  33. SLABRI

    This is NO different from the previous a40 tr… The only difference is the mixamp has an extra dial. Wtf was the point of this review? All the customizing with the side panels have been available for a long time…

  34. BlackedOut Bob

    So I got the a40s with the mix amp( the version before this one ) and I realized my PS4 didn’t have an optical port. So I bought the tendak HDMI splitter as recommended on Astro’s website. Everything works now but ever since installing the tendak my monitor shuts off for 3-4 seconds every couple of minute ??

  35. Cody and Kenzie’s lair

    Do u need a pc to take full advantage of the mix amp or can u just use it with a PS4

  36. bass out

    Headphone stand pppfffft. I use a pair of voice grips clamped on my desk lol

  37. Lonnie Smith

    I can't hear game volume need help

  38. ATLAS124

    What is the difference between the xbox and the ps4 version? Why can you not use one on both consoles? And if you can how?

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