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Neighbor of Botham Jean gives emotional testimony

Botham Jean’s neighbor Joshua Brown is overcome with emotion after recounting how he’d heard him singing gospel and Drake songs across the hall. The judge took a recess. Fired Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger is facing a murder charge in the 204th District Court at the Frank Crowley Courts Building in Dallas, Tuesday, September 24, 2019.


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  1. Ethel Wynn

    Just from looking at this I feel this man was already warn not to testify or else and he wanted to do the right thing he die doing so. That's just my opinion And I feel this is a bigger issue what is going on in this judical-system. And please do not let this stop people from testify in a trial. May he RIH

  2. Trayshaun Young

    It make sense why this brother was really crying… They already gave him that warning threat but because of his good heart he still took the stand but paid the price… United Snake of America is one of the wickest rotten racist country to ever exist in the world…

  3. Tonyagets Real

    Weeks later 2019 now he is dead. The judge that handled this case is a disgrace.THATS WHY NO RACE RESPECTS THE BLACK RACE. WHEN WE CAN MAKE A STATEMENT OR Example of something to stop it from happening like giving Amber 20 years no less we are cowards and too sympathetic to a race that wants us dead everyday and any how.

  4. G Carter


    Check the link out Brothers and sisters. Police have gotten rid of two key witnesses. Look into it now and take action later. Soon they tracks will be covered.

  5. Rae Nicole

    At 0:49 his energy and face expression changes with brief smile as he plays a memory in his head when asked about Botham Jean signing…this is so sad

  6. bexsy34

    I'm from England. Only just come across this case. It's disgusting,I haven't watched it all, but am I right in assuming a white police officer shot an innocent black man??? She should be found guilty & left to rot. Just because you have a uniform doesn't give you the right to take a life…im white, and quite honestly I'm embarrassed by these situations. It's not the 1st time it's happened in America or in the U.K. we all bleed the same, we all hurt the same, we all arrive in this world the same, we all take our dying breaths the same. It's chilling, scary & not right. Please correct me if I have stated anything wrong regarding this case. As I said I've only just come across it, I should of researched more really before I commented, but it really gets to me. It's awful

  7. Jaire Torres

    Damn if I was a black mother I would be scared for my son to even step foot in the streets ;( stick together as one and as brothers and sisters this is not fair;/

  8. Katrina O

    This is so heartbreaking 😥. Killed after the testimony that he didnt want to give out of fear for his safety. So so so devastating.

  9. Judith Copeland

    And as usual, before any investigation could even be done, people are positive it was a conspiracy done by the police department….and of course it was all about race. Couldn't even consider for one minute it was some of his connections who finally caught up to him tragically, and did exactly what they had set out to do…. Good grief, people are going to believe whatever they want even if facts come out later saying otherwise….this world is just so messed up.

  10. Lisa Garcia Garcia

    This young man should have been in witness protection and his testimony should have not been made public.. he's now in heaven with his friend fly high brothers and know God sees everything😓 I'm pray that the one's who killed him die a horrible death

  11. K Moore

    I’m gonna always remember those tears… He was an emotional wreck that day and so scared. It’s almost like he was feeling something in his gut…😢😢😢 Only 28. So so sad. RIP

  12. Stan Persona

    May the Lord have mercy on these people. This world is so evil because of men's sins. Such innocent people wiped out by evil, wicked men. They will have to explain themselves before God. And this man died after giving his testimony, that's really suspicious

  13. HeartDoc Andrew

    Joshua Brown's sworn testimony doesn't seem to give anyone related to the case a reason to murder him 10 days later (he didn't say anything slanderous that could make someone angry). If this were related to the Amber Guyger trial, his murder would have happened before the trial to stop him from testifying. More detailed information about the person who was hospitalized after being wounded by Mr. Brown should confirm that this tragic event really is unrelated.

  14. The UnTouchable Girl Ki-Z-815

    This is the sad part, this video is the only thing his mother & family can view in order to see his last day alive!😢💔

  15. Bill Raybands Cyrus

    He have a diagonal ball z shirt so I know he's gone be a hero and tell nothing but the truth and was going to get killed

  16. Jesse Douglas

    This Started Out A Murderer On Trial Then Came The Forgiveness Can I Hug You And A Judge Who Knew The Camera Was Rolling Hoping That Hugging This Murderer She End Up With Her Own TV Show And The Only Person That Made Sense In This Supposedly Murder Trial Has Been Executed.

  17. Miami Kc

    The judge didn’t get up to hug him knowing he was having a hard time but quick to hug the murderer the police killed this man something needs to be done

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