Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – All NEW Awakening Movesets (1080p)


  1. Thien Do

    i thought that the only way to get a PS was to have both the amaterasu and the tsukyomi

  2. Juan Mejia 123

    The worst sosono I every saw 4:35

  3. Mr Rious

    how can you be awakened indefinitely?

  4. Jd Baes

    ps3 have a ultimate ninja storm 4?

  5. Stephen Nkwelle

    Why the heck does kakashi’s susanoo have a sword this game makes no sense yet so fun

  6. mr junior Sanchez


  7. thewolfy08

    what's the song when hinata and hanabi fight?

  8. War Machine

    Where is Sarada with her pink Susanoo? I want it in the game

  9. Roberto Silva

    Qual o nome desse jogo ?

  10. Cucu 10

    Susanoo and kurama is bigger than that lol

  11. Nopri Siahaan

    What Is Is Game?

  12. S K Y

    sasuke and kakashi ctrl+c/ctrl+v on madara's suanoo

  13. samudra gaming

    10:58 god


    Bang bikin susano itaci vs gay ulti

  15. Anthony Santos Jr

    Hahahaha why dissapoonydfeje

  16. ボルテージ小手川


  17. Husien Gaming

    6:04 what name music madara awakening?

  18. black animator

    Beautiful game.. What this game ps 3

  19. Husien Gaming

    6:04 apa nama music nya ya gan

  20. Husien Gaming


  21. Mike O'C

    If we don't get a storm 5 this year or next year, who should i blame? The creators or the fans? Because i wanna know who's ass to shoot ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  22. Mike O'C

    I'm still in question as to why if we can choose our ultimate and jutsu, why can we not choose our awakening? Why can't we get back the ten tails?

  23. Rank it Ups

    ShiSui Susano'o is beautiful. 😍😍😘

  24. Rafa Bay

    I♥ video games

  25. Dwi cules


  26. Lien Hoang

    Its only 720p

  27. สอง พี่น้อง

    Oh ducked night

  28. Mattia Ruggieri


  29. No Name

    Want know what in anime ver of naruto kurama is more bigger but in this Kurama kinda 😂😂

  30. ตาลุงมา แล้วจ้า

    Halo, saya tak pernah

  31. Павел Лазуков

    Господи, обито не владел Сусаноо, чтобы передать его какаши, тем более в законченном варианте, а шисуи и итачи не обладали вечным мангекью шаринганом, чтобы призывать улучшенную версию

  32. Thomas Martinez

    Qque creizi

  33. Yensel

    What's the best awakening? I think Guy is the best cuz is rlly fast.

  34. yohanes luhulima

    This is already for PS3???

  35. Dee B

    Does anyone have PSP Emulator ISO for this?

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