NAGA SIREN CARRY IS INSANE – Tips to CRUSH GAMES as Safelane Naga | Dota 2 Pro Guide


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    This guide brings you some pro Naga Siren carry gameplay with a breakdown from coach Yamsun!

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  2. crewcutter2030

    This only works when you have good team, if you have feeders, this will never work.

  3. Dương Trần

    should i replace eos with octarine core??

  4. lukas koza

    how to counter naga?

  5. Reynold Brick

    How to seperate one illusion with your hero? Is there a key or option in setting?

  6. Anton Fatkin

    Man you were talking about getting dif after manta and talked about how enemy heroes will melt. You said sladar died super fast but his hero didn’t even have the dif blade built yet? No offence but shit like that makes you look like you’re just making shit up on the spot

  7. MrVhatever

    Must be done.

  8. Arun Ftw

    All her spells have big cast points, they can reduce a bit on song or ensnare, mirror is fine its a dispell and disjoints some.

  9. Arun Ftw

    I've won quite some MMR this patch with naga, I've a question when do u go for manta first?, cuz mostly first core item done is diffusal blade

  10. Rex091

    In my opinion, the original Naga where her skills were Illu, Net, Crit, was basically the most powerful

  11. Saurav Mahajani

    Can anybody help me with unit control…

  12. Christian Manto

    Spam NAGA for MMR

  13. Michael David

    Can naga still be played as a 4 or 5 tho?

  14. Vend Erre

    MAXING MIRROR IMAGE? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!! You max riptide or ensnare, always, period. You fools, YOU FOOLS.

  15. Vend Erre

    What is this noob shit? Orb of venom is CORE on naga lvl 1. It literally just adds 9 dmg to every single illusion. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get that much dmg on a Naga illusion level 1 without orb, absolutely impossible… probably.

  16. XGein

    Well that unit controls totally awesome.

  17. Kioth Brin

    Take a shot everytime he says efficiently

  18. Bryyy Bryle

    Is this MR BEAST ?

  19. cassiodalcin

    So they lost?

  20. Arvin Cuyos

    u should be doing coL.meracle's naga not ramzes .

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