My Top 5 Zones From Sonic 1 AND Sonic 2

My Top 5 Zones From Sonic 1 AND Sonic 2

Here are my Top 5 Zones from Sonic 1 AND Sonic 2 on the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis.

The reason why i have grouped both games into one list is partly because i wanted to challenge myself to see which Zones would make the cut, but also because Sonic 1 didn’t have too many Zones to begin with.


Songs in video:
Various songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog OST
Various songs from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 OST


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  1. kawaii_shawty

    Hell yeah green and purple is my fav color combo too, also labyrinth is great, nice to have a bit of a challenge, something different and it fleshes the game out beyond holding right, feels like you've accomplished something when you beat it

  2. Danny Danny

    DiGi; I love the color Green.
    Green Hill Zone not on the list what?

  3. Devilish21885 Not my last name

    Just imagine the old abandoned ghost town, its drive and vibrancy gone. The last standing red-light district bar is where the stragglers hang out because they've got nowhere else to go. The pinball tables and the mellow music are their only reminders of better days.

    Also the Classic version of Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic Generations adds that kick-ass drum beat, to me the one thing the song was missing, the one thing that takes the track from "All right, let's go bros!" to "TIME TO BREAK A FUCKIN SPEED RECORD!"

  4. SEGAfan2006

    I love the the music in mistic cave

  5. Daniel Coffman

    I am very glad to see Star Light Zone on this list; and seeing that it's your favorite just like mine, that's awesome. This stage is why I love a clear starry night. The sky and the music are just B-E-A-Utiful.

  6. HowToDrawEmAll

    Some interesting choices. You picked some of my least favorite levels and managed to make me respect these games even more.

  7. Ashia Morgan

    I love sonic especially starlight zone the level is pretty and the song theme is gorgeous what nostalgia

  8. Metroid Fanatic

    I happen to be an artist myself, and I think I only watch these vids to see what you drew this time Lol. But seriously can you teach me how to draw that well?
    And I did not leave when you chose labyrinth zone. its enjoyable. here I will give you my favorite in the entire classic series.
    5. Casino Night Zone
    4. Lava Reef
    3. Oil Ocean
    2. Mystic Cave
    1. Ice Cap Zone

    Did I surprise you?

  9. Trax Spark

    I love Mystic Cave Zones music. Tee Lopes made a remix of it too. It’s so good…

  10. minekraftminer -

    Should have mixed 1 and CD

  11. Sanjay Jagmohan

    Star Light Zone is the one!

  12. Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Master


  13. Filipe Costa

    Y'know what's ironic about your coment on Streets of Rage? The team which ported Sonic 1 for the Master System is the same one that developed the series later on.

  14. derrick underwood

    The music is amazing in these zones

  15. derrick underwood

    Ww want part 2

  16. Karel Hnedkovsky

    I'm for a follow up!

  17. Nitroxity

    So glad that someone appreciates Star Light Zone as much as I do.

  18. AortaPlatinum

    Hey speaking of Mystic Cave Zone, what was the name of that one vocal cover you did of it that turned into a NiGHTS reference in the middle and went back to MCZ? I can't find it for the life of me.

  19. alwaysxnever

    This was such a delight and I found myself agreeing with many of the levels and reasons. All the music of the levels have sick music. And yeeeeeeeeah. I can see why I love purple now. Yes!!!! You love Starlight?! This is my favorite level as well!!!

  20. Gaiunx Wolfen X

    nice levels indeed, i gotta say all your picks give me a warm feeling on my nostalgia, but they DON'T come close to the feeling i get for MARBLE ZONE, my god there is something about that stage, the beautiful music was amazing and kept me going through all the tension, you can feel the dread at every step, and granted, it was not the fastest chase sequence but there was something special for me during it and the lava segments, yes they were AWFULLY slow but combined with the music they gave something special, at least to me ;P

  21. Professor Badvibes

    If they do another "anniversary" sonic game where they bring back old levels, I really want to see them bring back Star Light Zone.

  22. Brandon Cutler

    I always known that Sonic games, in the 16bit era had some sick tracks.

  23. TheCanadianPuppeteer

    I honestly just love listening to you talk, your videos are really nice to just chill back and watch for 15 minutes/20 minutes/however long the length is. Keep it up dude, lookin forward to more!

  24. Non Non

    Every one love star light zone 💖

  25. Tania Bams

    Great list.

  26. Jarco

    I feel that the slower levels in sonic one were great because when you finally got to go fast again you appreciate the speed allot more


    Yo. Sonic 3 & Knuckles is my all time fav game. Can't wait to hear which zones are your fav.

  28. sonic meerkat

    I'm very curious about your S3&K picks now.

  29. Sonic Thrillington

    I was in awe with those levels in the games

  30. TR KIRBO 22 marx

    I love Spring yard zone too but i prefer casino night zone more

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