My Drift Compilation – GTA SA-MP [UIF Server]


  1. McDimEl

    Please note : I didn't use any mod script, i just using my own skills to do my best. Thanks 🙂

  2. Griggs

    Very smooth 👌👌

  3. The Blue Mars

    how i keep turn on headlights ?

  4. 『BM』 هتلر

    Wsup its me [N]af_.
    Hope you remember me!!
    I'm drifting in big ear 👌

  5. AKDoezGaming

    Yo bro ive seen u around in uif while drifting idk if u have seen me tho

  6. aghist gaming

    Ayah gak ada waktu

  7. aghist gaming


  8. aghist gaming

    Klo pc di benerin ama ayah

  9. aghist gaming

    Iya udh lama kangen ama clan ama cod ama Zombie survival ama temen2

  10. aghist gaming

    Iya hahah

  11. melodina sonza

    you still playin?

  12. Dian HTGI

    Ds3 niat bener 😂

  13. Ghoffar Gamerz

    subscriber ke 52 cuk :V

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