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  1. D B

    Hey guys,
    My tips are that I use a Facebook, Apple ID/Google play account I frequently use and I typically write it down in my email or on notes in my phone(which is also backed up) or you could alway get apps like IForgot to save passwords(Check how many reviews they have and if they are good and it is always protected) Finally I have logged in on two different devices so if I log out of one accidentally I still have the other. My question is a festival related one. Is it better to take slow but high gaining trophies quest or quick and a little less gaining trophies but then spend diamonds to complete more quests? Also in the festival tasks when you are at your cafe and you click on the task it says earned but I have not earned any yet and my team has earned way more than that so what does that mean? My player id is 69112453
    Thanks! 😀
    Also I did not get the pink gift from the last video.

  2. Ahamed Rizviya

    Hello In my cafe I tried to login but it says "To access Google play service you should authorised in the device setting"
    And I am playing in my tablets and my level is 27
    Could you tell me what is the problem? please reply fast

  3. Sherelle James

    Hi I need help transferring my acct to my new phone..I tried "contact us" but no one has responded

  4. Muneeb Ur Rehman

    I saved my progress in my google play account and now I've reinstalled it and try to get my progress back but it says that google play needs to be authorized in the settings, I don't know what to do please help me😩😩😩

  5. Simone Almeida

    Olá tudo bem, agora faço parte do mycafé 😍

  6. Simone Almeida

    Gostei muito do jogo e ñ quero sair ok.


    Hi..gracias por los consejos



  9. Sama Sliman

    بدنا عربي

  10. John White

    How do you get your game back if you didn’t save to facebook

  11. John White

    Loss my game, forgot to save

  12. سليمان خالد

    كم عربي يلعب هذه اللعبه

  13. Aslam Aziz

    My level 8 plz speed my level I think you admin

  14. Le Anh Duc

    Urggggg! Why spice must buy by diamond?

  15. Minh Vũ

    The only thing thats suck about this game is that it stop operating when u turn it off. I dont have much time to spend on playing it

  16. lelestar25

    I got a new iPad, installed the game and it won’t let me link to Facebook so I can pick up where I left off when I was using my Samsung tablet how do I fix this

  17. Carine Roque

    Não consigo vincular ao jogo o meu Facebook no iPhone, o que devo fazer?! AJUDE-ME!!!!

  18. Ana Gely Britho

    Me gustaría ganar diamantes 🥺❤

  19. A.w. N

    Thank you. C u next time. BYE BYE EEE!!!

  20. jipnaja55

    Hello…My name is Genie

    My s ister nameis Gegie.

  21. naycam 12

    Y yo luchando por 20 monedas y la persona de la imagen con millones :"v

  22. Ruth Gutierrez de perez

    Muy bueno

  23. Sara Simoes

    Alquem do Brasil

  24. Mr. Pee

    กูนี้ฟังน้ำตาไหลเลย กูฟังไม่ออก



  26. Kath Meng Rainbow Pride

    Hello guys . Pls go to my ytc

  27. Johanna Urena

    Muy bueno el tutorial pero me gustaria que lo traduccieran a Espanol. De todas formas me sirvio mucho.

  28. kel Games

    Ok, que legal.

  29. manoj Sharma

    Awesome game

  30. มิ๊นนี้ จีที


  31. Jod Jod

    والله كلشي مفتهمت 🤔 اصلن اني ماعندي فيس بك شووووووون

  32. Jasmine Shan

    Thanx a lot for this video… Saved my great progress 👍

  33. Janee DISTURBED

    This game shouldn't be too fast paced at first. It requires so much of ones time when they don't always have it. And when you're picking a daily item instead of being forced to lose a spice, store it like you can everything else! It isn't fair when one works so hard to get those tickets, instead of also being forced to have to buy space etc.

  34. khadija hyani

    اعجبني كتيرا

  35. khadija hyani

    رائع جدا

  36. คุชชั่น แพท ณปภา


  37. Jackie Lynn Foster

    I love playing this game. It is an excellent game, very enjoyable and entertaining. It's very addictive and when you're bored and nothing else to do it is a good passing time. The story is quite simple. I can play this whole day. Looking forward to every level although the prices of gems and diamonds is quite expensive but it worth it because of excellent graphics and programming skills. I will give it a 100% satisfaction.

  38. Anna Le Nguyen

    Oh, I love this app and I have to play it so many times. I must say it's my the best game forever. Thank you so much for make this game ❤❤❤❤

  39. Tú Trần Ngọc


  40. Kaylie Lam

    I love this game!

  41. Eriasri Stella

    Can you tell some tips to get more money and diamond in this game? Thank you before:)

  42. Imanuel Tauhiro


  43. Ela Mey

    how to reset my cafe?

  44. Maria Jesus

    Tendi nada Sorry e.u.a

  45. kkk l


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