Mortal Kombat 11 Review [PC] – KingJGrim


  1. Fasoli Romanesti

    Pls nerf erron black

  2. Sea Solid Cobra

    Dude, where do you come from? Because I’ve always noticed an accent but I have never been sure of what it was. Unless it just me.

  3. saba agniashvili

    People are playing games to have fun and not to get frustrated?
    The Dark souls fanbase would disagree.

  4. Gary of Nivea

    One of YouTube's most underrated channels. Your content is awesome, even though you're a relatively small Youtuber.

  5. That Gamer

    Hey Grim I was wondering what your thoughts on Sea of Thieves in 2019? It has a story and new mechanics and new stuff. 🙂

  6. XratedSippyCup

    like this video…. LIKE THIS VIDEO NOW! >:)

  7. Durty Dan

    Don't remind me about what happened to Melina please it still hurts

  8. Overton Mcdowell

    i think they could have make the female characters show a little more shin. SJW bullshit politics is in there if you notice it

  9. IceSticks

    Hope you do the "In the Mind of" on this game I prefer Raiden but any main char is fine

  10. aerozub

    Yeah but dude, there are no big, bouncy, meaty titties! 2/10

  11. Almighty Prussian

    I wonder if they're gonna put the krypt gamemode as a standalone game in mobile

  12. Rausche Pauli

    glad you got it out. good one. grims shitty grin is getting better. im scared

  13. tacos karlos

    Personally i don't like this game. They ruined the female character designs…..and the modes just ruined it. Yeah they might patch it…but i don't give a fuck.

  14. Andy Cao

    i like your cool dance intros.

  15. Apex RY

    Oh i remember that Leading Edge guy hoho here we go again bois

  16. AmazoX

    I wholeheartedly believe your channel is underrated.
    I found your channel through "In the mind of: Corvo Attano" video with just clicked with me, everything about that video was pure perfection, you made my mind realise how much depth that character has with your great video.

    I sincerely hope you keeo growing, I enjoy your videos.

  17. GuyNamedGray

    On Wednesday, I spent almost 2 hours trying to beat the Scorpion/Sub-Zero tag team tower on Brutal difficulty for some extra gear. I beat it with 3 minutes left on the clock, but before I was awarded the gear, I "disconnected" from the NR servers. I couldn't beat it again, tower went away. I never felt so cheated in my life.

  18. Brennan Hearn

    Surprised you didn't komment on the Arkade mode 'story' endings, but glad you didn't refer to Jax as 'buck ass naked' in his like Yellow Flash did.

  19. Vojin Milojkovic

    Great review King 😀
    better then the thumbnail it self 🙂

  20. Hans Yolo

    as someone who hasn't played MK games before, but is interested in getting MK11, and doesn't mind a grind if the gameplay is good; would this be good for me? Also, I'm on PC, does it run well? I can put up with some bugs and glitches if it's nothing game breaking or major.

  21. darklord884

    I agree that on release the ToT was nearly unbearable, but thankfully they already patched it. You get a lot more rewards for playing them and the modifiers have been toned down a hell of a lot. It's no longer a pain in the butt to play those towers and you know, as far as AAA games go, this is speed. This is paying attention to feedback, this is admitting and fixing fuckups. The game isn't perfect but it's good and while some other games released years ago are still broken messes (*cough* Overwatch *cough*), NRS said a day or two after the initial feedback came in that they'll fix it soon and after one week, they did. It's still not perfect, it can always be improved, but it's loads better.

  22. Wltrs _srtlW

    They are testing their player base and seeing how far they can put their dick in em before someone screams rape

  23. IMr GrimmI

    Why does literally every reviewer lie about the fucking time crystals?
    I'm not supporting them.
    Don't get me wrong.
    But you can't just buy whatever tf you want with them either.

  24. Enrico Cano

    I MuSt CoNsUlT WiTh ThE eLdEr G oDs

  25. Zero The Bloodedge

    Time travel/Timeline merging in a fighting game…
    GEEZ! Sounds quite familiar to some old ass weeb like myself. Holds a copy of Blazblue in my hand.

  26. BioticKitty

    That thumbnail tho. 10/10

  27. Mikel Speed

    that thumbnail is good XD

  28. Rxmonste

    This game takes "Test your luck" to a whole other level LUL

  29. Andres camilo Tous arcia

    hi daddy king

  30. Nick k

    Wow, I’m early.

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