Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A McDonalds (Restaurant) "2019 City Tutorial"


  1. TSMC - Minecraft

    Hey guys! If you're making a city check out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVfyBBWTXosBc2X7FdAzrdKffZoY1ZzZG 😀👍🏢

  2. Perk Sr

    Mine is smaller a little

  3. Kirsten Stimson

    you need to do a face reveal!!!!!!! I love your voice

  4. noth ing

    Can you please make the loud house in minecraft

  5. suzan waleed

    Thank you very, very very much. You are the best channel in the world⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩😍

  6. Create & Bake

    Can u show us how to make cars? If u have sorry I’m new 😐

  7. Glitch Cam

    I love your videos!!! Keep making them😎😘

  8. Artico_ 327

    Can you make Tim Hortons?

  9. john axiel ollano

    make a jollibee restaurant with drive through

  10. Robert Wilhelm


  11. Kelly Kester

    I subscribed

  12. sujey barajas

    Put icecrem

  13. Kennith Chavez

    Ha ha ha ha ha that joke was funny

  14. Roselyn Galvan

    Where they keep potatos is where nature is then click on the wheat then there are the potatos

  15. Shane Kirk

    make a pet shop

  16. Sungo Kwon

    If you like/love tsmc minecraft ,subscribe a 1,000,000,000 likes to see more videos

  17. Sungo Kwon

    I love this

  18. Abbie Plate

    I love all you builds in minecraft they're really good. Have a good day and happy holidays.

  19. sandra ruiz

    Can you please make a how to build a breakfast time please?

  20. sakinis44

    thatnk you for helping me your the best!

  21. Lilliana Toth

    Can you do an arcade next, my sister and I built your McDonald's and it was awesome! Just a suggestion do an arcade.😃

  22. FortniteAttackers Vlogs

    I built this in my city world i'd liked to say that it looks really good

  23. Anton Adair

    Tsmc you are to fast for me to build it.

  24. Aesthetic ASMasteR

    Pls may u build a prison next cos I really need one for my city

  25. DJ Gacha reaction videos


  26. sarah hardy

    This was Awesome…. i have just got back into Minecraft in the last couple of years and discovering so much New stuff, since well 2010/11; I play Creative mode and Love building and creating things ….its only in the last week that i have jumped on YouTube to see what i could learn to build and i will say i thoroughly enjoyed Making McDonald's as it brought back happy memories of Child Hood 😀 so Thank You.

  27. Rajat Sharma

    How to make restaurant

  28. IntroVert3d :


  29. Jay Abatayo

    Final two windows will be white concrete

    Me. Its not a windiw now if you put concrete

  30. Tyler Adams - EMV

    Geat builds bro

  31. TNT gamerz

    That place is amazing 😄😊😉😻🙉👍❤🐺

  32. Nicholas Shalevski

    Smooth sandstone slab? You mean smooth stone. Lol ♥️👍


    I made a good one same as yours

  34. esco.physco 10

    Thanks that was a good video done all the decorations and it turned out very good

  35. Temmie_Tomato

    all i can think of this is WE BUILT THIS CITY!!

  36. Freshprime

    I need some help building my channel I am trying to reach 100 subs

  37. William Hando

    Make a nuclear power station

  38. Epic Zombie Killer

    Hey bro awesome tutorial I subbed bro

  39. Epic Zombie Killer

    I just finished my titanic build so this will be easier which I'm glad awesome tutorial I love McDonald's

  40. Undercover Agent

    I was doing this and then I saw movement inside. I looked through the window and saw like 10 zombies, 15 creepers, 7 skeletons, 8spiders and a witch. 😂🙄 Wonderful. Just wonderful

  41. Arne Theunissen

    Where is the car

  42. Nicole Ramsay

    what is mc donlds

  43. Nicole Ramsay

    I love to bulied it but im haveing truble

  44. zane austine yambao

    Thank you fot r teaching me

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