Minecraft NYC MTA New Flyer XD40 Bus Tutorial


  1. Givon Gilles

    How did u get to that world

  2. Epic_gxcha7 31

    I Followed a bit then did what i wanted

  3. Lance Lim

    Guys having hard time building this pls like my comment

  4. TheoMandoy

    Texture pls

  5. Victor Perez

    Is this a bus

  6. BMT Brighton Line 2019

    I'm sorry to bother you if anything but can you please make a tutorial for making a NeoplanAN460 from the Bee-Line bus company I would really love to see a Minecraft version of it as there is only one left in service for Bee-Line

  7. Tyler Mo

    The one when you put the carpet on top it failed

  8. Tyler Mo

    That one just failed on my switch

  9. Kalan Carey

    Stop abusing the build team

  10. Aapox 007

    Your videos are the best!!!

  11. Hover Shi

    No seats? No doors? 🙁

  12. Grand Jet

    Is it ok if you can do another video on the new flyer xd40 but the blue version of it

  13. Christopher Zeigler

    I hope you are able to more MTA NYC buses in the future.

  14. Dom_Mascaras2006

    Please I'm fan

  15. Dom_Mascaras2006

    Can you do the polish tram the old one

  16. That Subway & Bus Enthusiast

    Hey Crafty…I Have A Request…Can U Make The 2018 XD40 And The MTA XN40 Please

  17. CincyBus

    Build a phantom

  18. Богдан Барздов

    Молодец, хорошо строишь!

  19. Zackary Schejbal

    Can you maybe build Puffa from tugs please?

  20. kitsufox

    Crrafty foxe you can make models of metro of santiago de chile (I like you videos)

  21. Deflated Marshmellow

    minecraft metra highliner

  22. usta kusmana

    Please make CC202 brother train CC205

  23. Nabilツ

    Make An Indonesian Sinar Jaya Bus Pleasseeeee!!!

  24. BenTheMiner - Transit & Games

    Did you do NYC MTA NovaBus MTS RTS-06 Legend yet? If not and if you can, I want to see a striped blackback. 🙂

  25. Mr. Mineblox / Daylight Twinkle

    can you build the NS Exhibit Car? 🙂

  26. dinando

    hi crafty love the vids keep up the great work and could you make a dm 90 (also called buffel) ore a traxx (dutch locomotive to)

  27. Missouri Pacific SD40-2 Fan

    Nice Bus

  28. TheDutchFighter

    i love your videos, and can you make the V60 DB from the Traincraft mod, that red train. Thx

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