Minecraft: How To Build A Large Modern House Tutorial (#19)


  1. Rosie Murdoch

    Try to build this but gess what he got all the numbers wrong

  2. Ghost Leyeng


  3. MazGamer_YT

    For those who want the materials
    270 stone bricks
    408 wooden planks Quartz
    494 (if you don't have quartz use another block)
    120 wooden slabs = 60 wooden planks
    51 glass panels (any color)
    8 glass blocks (any color)
    4 doors
    35 stone stairs
    11 lighting blocks (any)
    14 wooden stairs = 60 wooden planks.

    If we add the necessary blocks for the stairs it would give us: 300 stone bricks And 390 wooden planks, I omitted hatches, plants, etc. because that is simply decorative.

    I know I commented late but I started playing minecraft again a week ago.

    PD: it took me 30 minutes to count and do the calculations.

    PD2: to get all the boards you will need 132 wooden logs.

    If you see a ortographic error is because i speak spanish and y use google translate

  4. Evangeline Onsted


  5. Evangeline Onsted

    oh! thats wool for the floor i did concreat XD

  6. Evangeline Onsted

    whos watchin this 2020

  7. Parul Chaudhary

    you are best bro very best i build this same to same please make simple house in your next video

  8. B16 y0sh1

    Who else sees the other modern house from the last video in the background?

  9. Seren The TØP songs lover

    20:34 pls like so I remember where I was

  10. Zalita Bee

    I did that

  11. Indu Shrestha

    Wow it good not exelent

  12. Alison Foley

    Can someone please tell me all the items I need and how many :/

  13. Deviled Egg

    Time stamp for myself

  14. Supreme


  15. Steven Mitjavila


  16. Seren The TØP songs lover

    Who else couldn't dig down 3 blocks for pool cause they would of dug through bedrock and died

  17. Diego Lopez

    Does anybody else get pissed off watching this, but only watches it for the crib

  18. Geo Kay

    You need diamonds to make this house cuz you need to go to the nether

  19. Jan Elsinga


  20. Tdd Ddt

    I build them with 2 hours 😂

  21. Naufal Rayyan

    8:55 dude you make me hit another of my house beside and make me repeat it all over again😭

  22. Abhy Alvarez

    When me building

  23. Angie Caldwell

    I hate this vid I did the exact thing and the basement looked different

  24. j o n m i c h a e l ツ 9050

    2020 anyone?

  25. El SabioX


  26. Swifty Flikz

    who here in 2019

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