Minecraft : EPIC EASY MODERN HOUSE TUTORIAL (Ps3/Xbox360/PS4/XboxOne/WiiU)


  1. Drewsmc

    3rd Day Of Xmas Code Xbox Uk: M4MRN-2VCRM-KM33F-4DHCR-BY3J2

  2. PrinZ PlayZ

    There is no room for my stuffs

  3. Cub4Tiger

    Thx for the tutorial it’s easy and it’s cool

  4. Plush 7953


  5. Aesthetic Crafting Slimes, Squishies And More

    Amazing! It's So Easy! Love It!!!

  6. newyorkboy 5510


  7. Valeria Brooks

    thats cool but a little fast

  8. Anyha Henderson

    You're so confusing like you doing the have me make the steps and the window that you put doesn't really work you forgot a pit a wall there so the windows care work implies you did it make me little Walker xo your soaker fusing wow I didn't watch crack as it takes to it by how you do it is stupid so I did my up finish this rash my own Web so OK dummy

  9. Sagar j ash


  10. mason x

    I built one like that tiny no mess ups there so easy

  11. Mia Kostantinou

    Um this didn’t work at all

  12. Mr Kittens

    How do u get grey clay

  13. Official _Keiron

    Is this actually Minecraft

  14. Dark Gamer09

    Visit & subscribe my channel

  15. Tanzil Rangrej

    You coped a Chanel's video


    I like it

  17. Johanan Croos

    Anyone know what music is playing in the background.

  18. Chloe Banks

    Give me a like who ever did this on Android and iOS (edit) thx for the other like dab

  19. Alligator么 Gaming

    What the graphics

  20. Barbara L

    How do you get to the upstairs

  21. Cosmin5566 Channel


  22. Prosenjit Ghosh

    How you get the effect

  23. Zappy978

    I love this animation

  24. samantha abrahams

    Cool minecraft

  25. Pro Gamer

    It’s tiny

  26. Yara queen

    No I bon t like hose

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