Minds Eyes "THE MONKEY MAN" (Jumpscare Horror Game)



    When you record how do you put your face in that spongebob square frame does that work only for computers or xbox as well :p

  2. Malachi Grimes

    please change you outro it's the most cringy thing I've ever seen

  3. ben dumesny

    that house almost has the same layout as my house

  4. ben dumesny

    haha that face he pulled 7:39

  5. Benjamin Conaghan

    Omg so funny you rly were scared

  6. Paul Smith

    I'm going to give the best Advice I can give Starlord always play horror games in the daytime, it's a lot better. it prevent you from crapping yourself or pissing yourself mentally.

  7. Reaper Airsoft

    love the new content! your reactions got me dead lmao. Just hang in there, skyrim special edition is coming soon, and hopefully the next elder scrolls will be announced within the next year or so

  8. Cairns Chaos

    Starlord you should try out the game witch's house or Ib, they are RPG maker horror games. I'd really like to see your impressions on them.

  9. Remnants of the Ashes

    No more Fallout, huh? Probably because Fallout 4 is soo boring, it was Bethesda's idea not to include the Enclave, and look what happened. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED BETHESDA! You took away a piece of the core in which Fallout is what it is, you took away, the Enclave.



  11. ArcAngelRyse

    This is more funny then it is anything else. Lmao.

    I've watched multiple videos of this game. (If you look at how the monster runs lol you'll notice it's pretty stupid).

    Anyways I notice people are talking about your channel. Just got to keep it going, you'll get there. As long as your getting views at all that should work out just fine.

  12. Seth_Pemberton_x

    Play the bio shock collection it has good reviews and it's a pretty good game

  13. Joel Basterfield

    I touched cloth

  14. Red Wolf

    is this only for pc?

  15. James

    I jumped so hard

  16. PanzerOptional

    I got a 25 minute advertisemrnt

  17. The DeadEye Show

    lol I got the exact same reaction as you he hit you with something

  18. steve buscemi

    announces no fallout ps4 mods, makes avatar xbox controller silhouette. MY EYES SEE THE TRUTH – Stevie :'(

  19. Just Owen

    If the situation changes with ps4 mod support will you do a video on the subject to address it?

  20. Noah Helion

    Hoping your channel blows up and gets lots of subs dude

  21. Please Send Help

    Hey starlord place anywhere released for consoles!!! Its basically place in red

  22. The Dreamy Memey

    You are still one of my favourite YouTubers I don't care what anyone says

  23. Mark Taylor

    haha this was funny 🙂

  24. Jason Shane

    more of this plz

  25. Jak Storm

    after I told you about this game I played it and there's not enough to play after this part. but its super fun.

  26. Mr. Clean Magic Fist

    if your happy and you know it then fuck nobody got time for that except for me (I like turtles)

  27. Ziggyman565 Mk 2

    14th :DLove your content btw good to see some more gameplay on this channel.

  28. echo

    "My heart is beating…"

    Oh no man…thats a sign of LIFE!! You better get that checked out Asap!

  29. harry archer

    Fuck this game

  30. Jak Storm

    hey he saw my suggestion woooooooooooooooo

  31. Kieran Jones


  32. Autopilotjr

    Gg it said posted 26 seconds ago

  33. Seyd Erea


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