Microsoft Excel Has Stopped Working Issue on Windows 10


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  2. Jason Snyder

    I've experience hanging in Excel since 2013. Would this solve it?

  3. Manali Desai

    Thank you very much. This worked!!

  4. Gho movie


  5. marc pawson

    worked for me – xcel now working – thanks pal

  6. A Phan Toms


  7. dram ody

    I hate win10 excel, always crash

  8. Riya Saha

    Thanks a lot. It helped me , the whole day i am trying to fix it but didn't now finally its done..

  9. Fred Nyamboks


  10. Sohail Ahmad

    Sir ma jab excel open karta ho tu system off ho jata ha. Belkul screen black hota ha. Window 10 aor mini pc system core I 5

  11. Phoenixspin

    I am doing this now. I hope it works. I've been having serious problems with Excel lately. This at least gives me hope.

  12. Jemima Nayli

    can it will work on microsoft powerpoint?

  13. Chea Vanneath

    Still not working

  14. msss1

    When i try to record macro its restart excel program please help

  15. CD Furnell

    Thanks good one

  16. Suraj dhakre

    It's working thanks

  17. pon srinithi23

    still it is not working why

  18. Adam Salas

    Fuck you (excel)

  19. Crickett M

    Thank you so much! Worked for me.

  20. blueops


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