McDonald’s Spain® Double Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger Review!

McDonald’s Spain® Double Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger Review!

McDonald’s Spain® Double Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger Review!
A mouthwatering McDonald’s favorite from Spain, the Double Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger features thick-cut applewood smoked bacon topped on two ¼* lb. 100% fresh beef patties that are cooked when you order. Layered with smoky McBacon sauce and two slices of savory real gouda cheese on a sesame seed bun.

Worldwide Favorites:

*Grand McExtreme-Spain
*Stroopwafel McFlurry-Netherlands
*Tomato Mozzarella-Canada
*Cheesy Bacon Fries-Australia

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  1. Anti Camper006

    Hi Joey! Can I please get a pin for my birthday?

  2. JesusIsTheOnlyWay

    Go for Steam and Origin for EA exclusives.

  3. Evilpimp

    He acts exactly like i act when i just bought some crack to enjoy, he can't even contain himself, i know that feeling all too well

  4. Benjamin Phelps

    What about the pilloweyness of the mayonnaise

  5. Spruce

    He protecc
    He attacc

    But most importantly,

    He bacc

  6. Troy Müller

    Triple QB w/ Cheese No Pickles No Mustard Add Mayo Style Sauce = McD's highest quality burger

  7. Nathan

    I have gone to Spain

  8. Xd0MInaToRXs

    Im spanish but i dont live in spain anymore

  9. itsrexohere


    of fast food world tour is suppose to be fancy food nit fast food

  10. God

    that patty was still pink. gross

  11. Retro Gamer

    hablas español te ves como lo haces

  12. Zander Donovan

    2:29 cat throw up

  13. skinfloot

    oh you've always wanted to run with the bulls?

  14. isidro lopez

    bruh the burger was pinkkk

  15. fostered333

    Oink oink.

  16. ke met

    Love me some joey!!!

  17. David Medina

    I feel that he is really unhappy inside 🙁

  18. JamesEarlMoans

    It is delicious especially for the adult palate.

  19. Mistah J

    1000th comment

  20. Derpy Wolf

    You can't run. 0:33

  21. Streaky Tangent

    I lived in spain and killed a bull

  22. kareem lawson

    Can somebody tell me when does this end?

  23. Marks ManA

    It’s not Mac sauce it’s mcbacon sauce

  24. The Chad

    Sit in a chair and watch the bulls let’s be real

  25. David Fisher

    How can we actually hear him chewing before he puts the food in his mouth?

  26. MLGPRO806

    Joey if you go to china can you do a dog burger review

  27. Ivan.2.times ❶

    He protecc

    He attacc

    But most importantly

    He’s baaaaaaccc

  28. dirt hustle

    Hey Joe, i hope you are having a wonderful day, I know I am a little late with the. Video but I watch all of your videos, you are a joy to watch, you are so nice and I would love to meet you 😊, I really hope you read this buddy, thank you for joyful videos

  29. Isiah Garcia

    Inside of Joey's car probably got all types of fast food bags n trash all over the floor board n seats

  30. redead reach

    Sorry Joey but there's no mac sauce on it it's a smoked bacon cheese sauce

  31. Emmanuel Santino Llige

    Your appetite for food is bigger than Spain

  32. Ekyam Zeel

    “delish” lmao

  33. Marissa Garcia

    “i’m slim shady, i’m a rhymer”💀

  34. Daniel Clunas

    Yo said run with the bulls😂😂😂

  35. Dark Doodle07

    Barcelona and Madrid are beautiful imo and I love the soccer stadiums and food is great

  36. Crispy King

    0:34 "I've always wanted to run with the bulls"

  37. DH_RAW Derrick Henzie

    I had one. Never again. That sauce overpowered everything.

  38. Juls

    We don’t eat that crap in Spain, we eat real food, that’s why we are the healthiest country in the world and not a bunch of fatties like you Americans 🇪🇸

  39. Carl

    Now taking guesses to see how many stale French Fries are under his seat???

  40. Colin Beyer

    I’m currently in Barcelona right now, I enjoy the video but this type of food doesn’t reflect on the normal food of Spain since burgers aren’t really a traditional meal here. I really enjoy your videos though, keep up the great work.

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