1. Pm vlvixry

    master yi guide? ok xd, just spam r+q and you make a penta

  2. M.C GAMER

    get ie and shiv

  3. InterHower

    Good vid :')

  4. alex avram


  5. Jeany Boy Moral

    how do i stack conqueror?

  6. Piano Man

    master yi is so bad, i tried this guys tips, not that they were bad, just master yi suck and im never playing him again. for example, Jungling, you dont get enough xp to do shit in a late game, you just die and die and die over and over and over again, master yi is the worst camp, and i think they should just take him out of the game. i play against other yi's, and they, some how, kick my ass, but yet, i know that he cant…cheating is what their doing isn't it?? P.s if you know how to play with him, please teach me…username is OMGNUN. (Oh My God No User Names)

  7. Piano Man

    What r toughs gem looking like things, they r not in the items list??

  8. Typer Hacker

    Chiến binh —-> phong thần kiếm or Dạ kiếm —-> Dao điện Statik—-> Ma vũ song kiếm or Đao tím —-> Vô cực kiếm —-> Giáp thiên thần or Lưỡi hái linh hồn

  9. Midekuoriya

    this is my build
    half on hit half crit strike
    Inf Edge
    Berserkers Boots
    Essence Reaver
    Ravenous Hydra

    Bloodrazor – Red

  10. Prawn Tempest

    Thank you very much for helping me in my runes and builds and jungling 😍😍😍😍

  11. AceBlue 2047

    My Yi Build

    Berserker's Boots
    Guinsoo's Rageblade

  12. Nasif SHAMS

    Because of you I know the true of MASTER YI

  13. Flame 201

    I build shiv and infinity edge for sure but you need 100% CS but by max build you can 1v5 and then take out 3 turrets

  14. Johannes Kremer

    Can you please remake this vid for season 9 ^^

  15. James Nicdao

    And i love your vids

  16. James Nicdao

    Cowsep pls come to the phillippines server and pls can you help me how to master yi with lethal tempo

  17. Patrik Käll

    Thx i got pentakill

  18. Papito Dum

    My build for máster Yi top is ruined king ,tabis ,sterak ,Frozen mace ,bloodthirst and reaper

  19. Trieu Nguyen

    Cảm ơn Cowsep ^_^

  20. Clothing game hello

    i go like blade of ruined king then rageblade than i just go like ghostblade or guardian angel!

  21. Pukoru

    My own Crit Yi Build :

    Stattik shiv
    Phantom dancer
    Infinity Edge
    Frozen malet
    Blade of ruined king

  22. Debil Si

    Crit yi i run:warrior, Ruined king, shiv, stormraizor, IE or PD and boots

  23. Lukas Rahm

    Ait, only 4 months late but i find building: bloodrazer, esence reaver, stormrazer, pd and them ie. And after that sell your boots for either a rageblade, arnour pen or some lifesteal

  24. Thị Bình Nhuyễn

    chào bò

  25. Abbegnell Decena

    thats my build cowsep bloodrazor,guinsoo's ,deathdance,escence reaver,blade of ruined king and boots any kind


    I use
    Warrior Shiv bloodthirster
    I forgot the others but this build has devastating true damage.
    Edit:I also use infinity edge.

  27. Anime Ultima

    1st-phantom dancer
    2nd-statik shiv
    3rd-infinity edge
    4th-guinsoo regaeblade
    5th-frozen mallet

  28. Bright LoL

    Thanks for the tips to master Yi!

  29. Phát LuLu

    cowsep in vietnamese if you say may ngu vc is a you are beatiful 😀

  30. Orlando Giusti

    master yi takes no guide is broken and is foor noble new comers to the game thats why he's the peoples first pick he's just like irelia full build u spam shit and you get a penta

  31. Mayo Player

    Damage yi or attack speed yi 😕

  32. JmCraftersPe miclat

    Thx so much

  33. Jayson Tamura

    You forgot to mention your bans

  34. Darwin Deang

    Cowsep Thank you for your Master Yi Guide because i have a new gaming in Yi 😀

  35. Money Jackson

    So what is the best runes?

  36. Flight Pro3432


  37. Vicenta Daniela

    Idol give me a codename in league of legends pls?

  38. Walrus Junior

    Coup de Grâce is pronounced “Coo-duh-graos”


    don't like jungle path. as a yi u should give up early game pressure till lv 8

  40. Trái Chuối Cô Đơn

    Thank I like it and some cows

  41. Kaan Dogan

    What is the background wallpaper that you have used at the beginning of the video? I really like that

  42. Fernanda Fontaine


  43. Pussy Pepperonis

    What do you take instead of celerity ?

  44. fusion Sniiper

    I have a better build that always works but thanks for the other tips

  45. Joseph Daniel

    Crit build
    Jungler item
    Static Shiv
    Phantom Dancer
    GA or Blood Thirsther

  46. NattleR

    Very good video, TY

  47. joyance Sarita

    oof half of the video is all about runes

  48. Maki :D

    Crit Master Yi:
    Enchantment: Warrior
    Attack Speed Boots
    Statik Shiv
    Infiniti Edge
    Phantom Dancer

    Runes: Precision
    Lethal Tempo
    Legend: Alacrity
    Coup De Grace

    Sudden Impact
    Relentless Hunter

    Magical Footwear
    Cosmic Insight

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