Malwarebytes 4 Review | Tested vs Malware

Malwarebytes 4 Review | Tested vs Malware

Malwarebytes 4 has been redesigned inside and out. In this review, it is tested vs over 1500 malware samples including ransomware, PUPs, trojans etc. in a pro-active scenario.


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  1. Reather

    I use Windows Defender for semi good real time scanning and MB for removing it

  2. Ravi Gadhwana

    Please test Quick Heal Total Security

  3. CGI CAT

    Comondo cleaning essentials and rogue killer are all the softwares you need.

  4. CGI CAT

    Malwarebytes is a joke.

  5. John H

    The big question is by now, since you have compare and tested so many antivirus… which one is the best or less worst ?

  6. _ijah_

    it is totally supid for test a software use the full version . not the trial version.

  7. neil rich

    I use Bitdefender and if something looks suspect I run Malwarebytes and then CCleaner. So far I have no problems. I avoid obvious suspect downloads like free software that is packaged with bloatware, porn and ultra popular files like Beyoncé etc. I'm surprised that MS hasn't included in Windows an Auto Detection / Suspension of any program that tries to encrypt all your files. There is a program called WinPatrol that lets you know anytime a program is trying to make changes on your computer.

  8. Spykerhond

    bye bye mbam

  9. Nghtrider

    Wow great Idea Lets give it a C rating to a "TRIAL Package". Great, Now Give a Real Review when you have a Real account with Malwarebytes Premium. As with "ANY" trial package your not getting the whole "Paid for Deal". In trial packages you get a limited protection, In the Premium package you get almost Unlimited Protection. Here's the Best Challenge to prove your case. I'll take my Malwarebytes Premium Home AMD Media system to and watch any movie I want without Malware or Viruses or Trojans interrupting. Can your VM say the same?

  10. blizz girl

    i hate the new malwarebytes

  11. Bob Joe

    @Leo Malwarebytes is trying to dismiss third-party Anti-malware testing methodology even if it comes from independent researchers like you. This is alarming and disturbing especially for a security company. MBAM seems to deliberately confuse independent security researchers with AV/Anti-malware testing for profit companies. Can you please do a write-up on your website or a direct response video? Thank you for your work and dedication, @thepcsecuritychannel
    P.S.: To MBAM you are nothing more than a ”hobby tester [and/or] amateur reviewers, etc”
    MBAMs management seems to have changed and seemingly hired incompetent community managers or at worst engineers and malware analysts that are full of themselves or fail to see beyond their confirmation bias. This behavior can be potentially dangerous for consumers, companies and enterprises. What is your take your take on this?

  12. Random Acts of Video

    Stop using Windows and you'll have a lot less to worry about.

  13. Serdar Siryuz

    i was recommending this program to everyone as a secondary protection because it was finding malware while avast says there is no malware and it scans 10 times faster than avast im really suprised by this result

  14. 8D BASS

    where do you get those malwares?

  15. midgetwars1

    Malwarebytes has always known for removals rather than proactive. That should be tested

  16. J L

    I have always used Malwarebytes. After seeing this video I'm not as fully confident with it. Is there a better alternative? I started watching TPSC tonight.

  17. Ren-G XD

    Segurazo antivirus aka malware to me….can malwarebytes removed it?

  18. Sara Souto

    I pretty much just watched the whole video because of his voice.

  19. darkridr25

    So, in an earlier video I had commented how I was ripped off by Kaspersky, and was from then until now using Windows Defender to keep my PC safe. I say until now because just a few days ago I got some malware on my system. As bad of a job as it did in the test on this video it actually saved my system. I was able to download and install it, and it found and deleted all the malware on my system. I have always considered this to be a temporary removal tool, and didn't buy into their "always on" hype and instead purchsaed Bitdefender, that seeming to be the next best defense outside of Kaspersky, from what I have heard. If anyone knows of a better product I'm open to suggestion, but I now have Bitdefender running with a one year subscription, so hopefully my system will stay safe for at least that long….

    TL;DR: Malware Bytes saved my ass in the short run, but don't trust it long-term.

  20. Yan Uehara

    Well, shit. I bought 2 year packs for about 7 computers in total.

  21. Williamg209

    id prefer a proactive program first then a after removal one

  22. Guiorgy Potskhishvili

    A request: Could you make a compilation of the best and worst tests you have run once a year comparing the performance of AV in the last year?

  23. Mihai Cornean

    Yeah, i just canceled my premium to this and will upgrade to bitdefender once the malwarebytes sub expires. I mean sub 1% pro-active detection is just deplorable.

  24. numberyellow

    Any chance you could do a video on Checkpoint Software's Zone Alarm Extreme Security? I've been thinking about picking it up, and i wanna know if it's any good.

  25. GuloX

    So is it better than avast free version or not ?

  26. Cavey Möth

    I almost thought that the update was a virus. It seemed too good to be true. A free update? Can't trust that…

  27. felix rodrigues

    this is bad i couldn't remove it from my PC i had to load their removal tool, no uninstaller program worked to get rid of it, there is no uninstall with it..


    Could you please review current F-Secure "Safe" and "Internet security" what is different? And, explanation of SSL loga or key logs that antivius can read user's files or anything key or typing, can antivirus company monitor our files and password and things, please kindly explain how do databaseof antivirus work and pleasingly recommend antivirus that suit for privacy concern, new crptocurrency user, thank you.

  29. Insy Weaver

    mission failed successfully?)

  30. Nicolas T

    wow @ all the guys promoting Kapersky lmfao

  31. Jeremy Carter

    Uhhhhhh…..well THAT was disappointing. How about MBAM Enterprise. Would that do any better??? I'm guessing that it probably wouldn't.

  32. S7R4

    I miss the old, old interface. Am I the only one that doesn't like the push in software towards "modern" interface? I really like that old square silver bar simple look.


    Do you recommend HitmanPro ? Because I used only AdwCleaner and RogueKiller and I was happy so far

  34. MannSlaught3r

    Honestly, how in the world do you collect all these malware. It must not be easy to collect over a thousand different malware. I am genuinely curious as to how you do it.

  35. RevBiker Big D

    I use zone alarm now since the dial up years! So far so good!👍👍👍👍

  36. TimeMaster

    Setup the latest version of SpyHunter.

  37. Sanyuj Gupta

    This used to be my favorite AV! damn

  38. Steve Frankes

    Brought to you by Hitman Pro

  39. BloodyClash

    Can it be it's just too slow ? so while it's still working on one malware another one already is sneaking in ?

  40. neoqueto

    I understand that this is a test of how does the residential functionality perform in the program's newest incarnation. But despite the way it's marketed, that's just not what MBAM is and ever was. It's not a good residential protection AV. It's primarily an ad-hoc scanner, akin to Hitman Pro. That's where it excels. It should be used as a companion scanner. Their marketing really sucks and they should focus on what it's good at instead of jumping straight into this highly competitive market. So, it would be a good idea to test it at that front as well.

  41. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

    I particularly prefer Kaspersky.

  42. Jeremiah Lyles

    It made my system crash. I'll have to use the older version.
    Avast was the same for me, the newer version.

  43. KamiKaZe MMO

    i never use any resident AV just on demand scans, i use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes but only as on demand

  44. KamiKaZe MMO

    for my own experience the first scan after installing the software is the longest one, after that subsequents scans takes shorter periods

  45. TampaWTF TechCorner

    I am sorry but after watching this video and being an active user of malwarebytes for heck I dont know how many years..But I dont see anything about what viruses you used,are any replicating are any downloading ,are any taking control of administrator rights..I have had malwarebytes find a virus on several occasions that arent in the virus definition <—oh yeah is your virus update in this file…Much needed info missing to properly give a good comment on this..Was scan ran in full windows load or safe mode..See things can change how any virus scanner works,but malwarebytes doesnt tear thru my pc ..

  46. HellDuke

    Well, my subscription ain't getting renewed… Yikes.

  47. David weber

    Hmm. Ive been using it for years now for myself and my customers with the premium mwb, I have scanned customers PC's with top of the line Norton, kaspersky etc and found dozens of trojans on them and never had any issues with anyone getting infections.

  48. Scrufboy!

    Interesting to see that my 10 year old system took only 58 seconds for a full scan on this same version of MB. The results though on your end were so disheartening.

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