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Mahomes Magic Strikes Again w/ Insane TD Pass

Mahomes finds Byron Pringle in the end zone after evading tackle after tackle. The Indianapolis Colts take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 5 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. One4All All4One

    Unfortunately that was the only true highlight of the game for Mahomes. It went south quckly after that. The Rams vs Seahawks game was way better than this game.

  2. Goat Stature

    What was so great about these two throws? The first one was a very simple throw on the Run Carson Wentz has made through his like that is old career and the touchdown pass was very nice but it wasn't nothing I never seen before

  3. MoMo

    These commentators are infatuated with Mahomes. The guy is great, but he’s not the only QB in NFL history that has made these type of throws. We’ve seen this done before. Chill out….

  4. Jim Baker

    How to beat mahomes. Chiefs time of possession 24 min. Colts time of possession 36 min. Magic hasn’t run out just don’t let the magic on the field

  5. Luney Rizzle

    "only Mahomes"? Russell Wilson topped that 3 days ago and been doing this every week of his career…Mahomes even copies RW's maneuvering to escape rushers.

  6. Jordan Dewey

    I'd never intend to throw shade on Mahomes, because he's the MAN. But this "only Mahomes can do that" stuff is complete bs. Russell Wilson's been making plays just like that for 7 going on 8 years now. Mahomes and Wilson are the magicians of the NFL.

  7. Troy Crith ll

    Listen to me tech 9 was in audience we needed a camera man to go out there and talk to hem like about sports yes 💣 🏭 chiefs tv yes 📺 🌟 💣

  8. gor9027

    That was the Chiefs’ only highlight tonight. You can pretty much just send the Pats to yet another SB if they end up with the 1 seed.

  9. Mijemu mijemu

    What I am noticing is the chiefs are coming out all relaxed believing they can just win it when ever they want and that kind of thing is a mistake. It is causing injuries and now a lost game with injuries. The chiefs need to come out fired up hittin hard and dominating these games from the first play to the last play.

  10. LaSharkus Aldridge

    Patrick Mahomes is forever a Red Raider!!! #806 #GunsUp #WreckEm #BearOurBanners #StriveForHonor #LongLiveTheMatadors #DegreesOfImpact #FearlessChampions #IAmARedRaider #TexasTech #Big12Champions #RaiderPower

  11. Michael Beckwith

    The Colts shut him down tonight..between last week against Detroit and tonight teams have figured him…talented but he'll be just a stat QB

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