Lost Smooth Operator Review


  1. Yves H.

    Is reallitic to use a smoioth operator as setup in overhead, ti head and half like indo reef having some tubing sextion ? Like at uluwatu race trak or peak ?

  2. Rai A

    dope board, my single quiver right now. operates very smoothly (hence the name) but also got performance in its DNA. anything between knee/waist to double overhead

  3. Chris Levuiqes

    Im debating with flat tracker vs smooth operator.. help me out which to choose.. looking for midlengh glide easy use

  4. Matt Powell

    Since you’ve spent time on both, how would you compare this to the Vernor Tree Hugger?

  5. Benjasmin Skovbo

    How big of a single fin would you put in for a 2+1 setup? Mainly looking for the board to do some nice turns – I’ve ordered a 7’2 thanks!

  6. Matt Harbison

    Refined version of the Rusty Zeppelin?

  7. Ferdinand Arcinue

    How does this compare to a Huevo Ranchero?

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