Lian Li TU150 Review – A Thicc Ncase M1?


  1. elysiumcore

    really love the size comparison 0:46.. well done man – thanks

  2. X3MCTZN

    109 – bucks 🙁 …pfff
    here is like 146,9£ 🙁

  3. Patrick

    are the bottom fans necessary?

  4. John Whalen, Jr.

    They should have scrapped the handle because:

    1. With the tempered glass, it's too nice to risk in transportation.
    2. It's a tad too big to be schlepped around as a "portable" gaming rig. The Skyreach, NCASE M1, Dan Case, and Loque Ghost, and maybe a couple others are better suited as truly portable gaming rigs.

  5. Oscar Shen

    This is what a itx case should be, people want itx systems are more likely looking for a smaller footprint and clear look without sacrificing cooling, that's exactly what this case and NZXT H200 offer. If what want portability, just buy a laptop. PCs are never portable, even the PC itself is portable, you will need at lieast a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and lots of cables to make it work, I don't see any one carrying these around.

  6. Plankton

    Make a 3D printed mesh front panel

  7. kellyozore

    Does the aluminium cover on the NH D15 can be mounted? Enough space?

  8. Menaboi

    It's the inbetween nano s and ncase

  9. TheMindBullets

    How about a new review with the solid side panel that Lian Li just announced for this case?

  10. RiscutBiscut

    You should mention GPU compatibility with the NZXt H210. Whereas the Lian Li TU150 has a 3 GPU slot, the NZXT H210 does not. Just something to keep in mind for those looking to do a build with a higher-end air-cooled GPU.

  11. spiznas

    Will this fit a Morpheus II down the bottom? Or an accelero?

  12. Builder

    I'm currently putting my previous nCase M1 build into the TU150, to make room for the new build.

    Lian Li missed the feature of being able to install an mATX board into this case by less than an inch! How thoughtless can a case designer be?
    The case is quite big anyway and an mATX board can be rather important if you need anything more than just one GPU. This is a wasted opportunity and a lost competitive edge for Lian Li.

    One would wish Lian Li had as much talent for efficiency with the space they take up, as they have with flawless manufacturing quality.
    Really, I wanted to use a DAN A4 case, but due to Lian Li restructuring issues, there appear to be shipping delays as well. I literally got the last TU 150 in stock anywhere I checked, and there are no dates for new stock marked anywhere.

  13. Andrew Preston

    Seeing this review a second time…
    I would LOVE to see this case build in black with one of the all new noctua chromax black coolers.

  14. ulhurusurf club

    its all up to portability for me..A HANDLE ..MAKES IT SO…and because i air watercooling problems..

  15. cat stalker

    is there any itx that can accomodate two 240 rad?

  16. Philippe Mendoza

    Please review the Inwin A1 Plus!!

  17. nnn necro

    I feel like it would be possible to build a full loop with a 240 in the bottom if you're willing to…improvise a bit:
    >fab a bracket to hang from the ceiling infront of the mobo, which doubles as the gpu-backplate.
    >gpu gets mounted there and connected with a riser; for outputs you could make it proper with a pcie slot cover and custom extension cables.
    >240 in the bottom, maybe 120 in the back for good measure
    >pump/res wherever there's space left
    >probably best to blow out of the bottom and not into the case, put a prisma-shaped ( / ) object underneath to direct airflow to the sides

  18. Jeffery Rosie

    Love your channel. The one comparison i would love to have is noise comparisons as guessing this might be the quietest of the options?

  19. Iain van Gardingen

    Despite Lian Li's promotional material showing it, don't use a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 in this unless you have child sized fingers, took me 3 hours of pissing about to get it installed – and even then, that's without any front panel IO, as it just couldn't fit in, even when wiring the motherboard before cooler installation.

  20. Natalya Keane

    Eh. My Raijintek Styx (matx) is about the same volume, but has far better compatibility. With 240mm support, same (or greater) heatsink support, and an matx motherboard. Plus it is cheaper.

  21. Raylishou

    Any chance you could review the InWin A1 plus?

  22. narutodayo

    I agree that the handle is not super useful on this case.

  23. Vandoeun Long

    Hey Optimum! Is it possible to put a matx mobo in there with minor modding?

  24. Mark San Diego Jr.

    How are the noise levels while gaming?

  25. sleezeproductions

    can you do a review on lian-li pc-q50?

  26. TW

    can you give me the build list shown in the video,thank you very much

  27. Internet Police

    Using the word Thicc does not make you cool

  28. Matthew Balke

    I would actually need this type of case. I need to move my pc once a week, so this form factor and the handle would really help out a lot.

  29. Lucurous

    Hi, any plan on reviewing those taobao SFF case?. it's quite cheap, but…. you know taobao.

  30. Arda Celik

    This case is worthless without the handle. Only reason I want this case. Why would I buy a small form factor PC if I wasn't going to carry it around? The handle helps with that.

  31. Gerry M

    5:40 damn zaddy looking TICCC

  32. Keith

    DUDE! Thanks for the feet files 😀

  33. iTry Nano

    would the bottom fans be usable with an RTX 2060 super gaming oc, it says its a dual slot?

  34. TechZee

    Nice case

  35. Edek Hawker

    I like the handle its nice extra for having to move a comp whether you use it as a desktop or not

  36. StereoPenguin

    Getting this as a late birthday gift!

  37. Phương Lê

    Jonsbo A4 is a much better choice, better support for AIO and HDD and only 15.5L

  38. ProteinShakes

    Review the Velka 3! 3.7L brickless SFF case with up to a rtx 2070 support!

  39. betopelotaz1

    will this case be too small to fit a powercolor 5700xt red devil?

  40. Jon P Ybanez

    I'm confused by the handle on a case that doesn't seem that portable. if the side panel were replaced by a perforated aluminum panel and the overall size was shrunk down a bit, the handle would make more sense. very good review, but looks like a hard pass for me.

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