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Letting our Instagram Followers Control Our Lives for 24 Hours | Pawzam Dogs

Matt and Rebecca’s dogs Peanut and Blackjack let their instagram followers control their lives for a day. They get to see who takes the senior dogs on a walk, Who goes to the store with Matt and what they eat for dinner. What will you decide they do in this Dog challenge?
Stick around till the end to watch to see the reactions!

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  1. Angel Fam

    Well one I love you Sapulpa Oklahoma and 2 it’s nice it’s not too hard and it’s not too cold I would say it’s just right

  2. princess Nia

    Blackjack easy remember that time when when when sunbathing turn into something else right Blackjack was buying on Peanut if you play a scene over you can see him trying to bite his arm I'm sorry if I ruined whatever date is what is true black jaguars bite on Peanuts arm and if you play that scene over you got Khaleesi hi guys

  3. Sonja Braun

    Where I'm at right now, it's like 80 or under 90 but I'm going to Washington soon and I think it is over 90 and I live in oregon

  4. kikouae

    The add I just watched before this video was adorable it was a puppy lost hiding between big logs the puppy was crying and then a someone found him and saved the puppy it had little sticks on it so the person help by taking the sticks out and that’s all it was adorable

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