Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop Review

Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming Laptop Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is a cheaper budget friendly gaming laptop compared to others out there, but is it a laptop you should consider buying? This detailed review will show you everything about it and help you decide if it’s worth it.

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i7-9750H + GTX 1050:
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i5-9300H + GTX 1650:

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You can find out more about the cooling pad I used in the video here:

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  1. Jarrod'sTech

    While it was possible to change between two performance modes with the FN+Q shortcut, I've only tested with the better of the two, as the quieter mode was even more restrictive. Additionally the option to swap between these modes was not in the Lenovo Vantage software (as far as I can see).

  2. max dashen

    My battery runs down super fast who else gets the same problem?

  3. Dragoner Productions

    Hum so it clearly needs a cooling pad it's a shame they didn't take that into account.

  4. JAM

    How many Ram slots are there?

  5. Migs

    If you had ordered this with a hard drive just to get the SATA cable, would they then disable the m.2 slot so you can't put an m.2 later on?
    That cable from the y540 not working got me thinking if they made it so can just have a 2.5 drive or an m.2 but not both.

  6. Itay Gutman

    Im looking for a laptop that can run quickly with cubase 10 and other music softwares. Is that one recommended?

  7. sai saran

    Can i game on this laptop for long hours by playing some heavy games like watch dogs 2 , witcher etc?? Pls tell me .??

  8. Kaelan Marsh

    How much undervolting do u suggest

  9. Gwapo Pogi

    Is it worth buying one i7-9750, 1640 17" @ 1100 euros?t.y.

  10. Im Galaxyz

    I literally am just getting it for editing

  11. Purple Lemon

    Is the screen TN or IPS?


    Thanks for pointing out the hard drive issue.


    8GB can upgrade to 16GB ??

  14. For Gaming Purposes Only

    Hi I wanted to buy a laptop suitable for games like Sims, dishonored, nba and also for my work apps like Autocad and Sketchup. Is this recommendable?

  15. Emily Bowen

    can this run red dead redemption 2 good?

  16. Boda Shatta

    You are just amazing.
    Im pretty sad that ur underrated

  17. Franci5

    Will a cooling pad under laptop help with performance?

  18. J Y

    is this laptop gpu VR ready ?

  19. Synyster Craig

    Would this be good for video editing?

  20. MisterPikol

    the design kinda sells me

  21. Moh5 Ad

    This one or hp pavilion 15 ?

  22. Stephanie Holm

    I just watched this because I wanted a review of a laptop that supposedly still had a dvd player. This one didn't seem to….is that optional? I am in need of a business laptop that still has a dvd player, is reliable and not over 5 lbs, and has a touchscreen and full size hdmi port. 15.6. Does such a thing exist? LOL

  23. Marc Alexandru Burcea

    i have this laptop im watching you right now

  24. jovany baher

    Is it good for studying in collage?
    -bad or good or very good or what !!!

  25. Cristian Londoño

    Amazingly pro are the reviews you make. Suscribed instantly. Great work!

  26. Mohamed Abdelmoneim

    excellent review You are awesome

  27. gruby_benek

    Amazing channel, great job with so much detailed reviews of any rig you get, Jarrod. +1 sub. OK, so we a few days before Black Friday. I was really about to buy this machine willing to use it for another 6-7 years like my current Vaio SVE1512MESI 😀 But as it only has a single-channel DRAM and low-voltage I think I'd pass. Anything you would suggest with a $1000 limit and more business-like look, Jarrod? Greets from Poland!

  28. David Panharoth

    Ideapad L340
    Intel i7-9750H 2.60GHz Max 4.50GHz
    – RAM : 16GB (DDR4)
    – HDD : 512GB PCIe + 1TB
    – 15.6" FHD (1920*1080), IPS anti-glare
    – VGA 1 : Intel UHD Graphics 630
    – VGA 2 : NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB
    Is it good for running game or coding? Brother

  29. Abhijot Singh

    the prices at 0:46 is that Australian dollars?
    I am getting this laptop with the same specs at 1100 Australian Dollars, is it worth it?

  30. Dev GD

    I bought the legion y540, and it's pretty good. The L340 is pretty good for budget though. Nice review man 😀

  31. itij

    I'm satisfied with this laptop, it's the best laptop my mom's budget can buy for me. I'm very thankful she even bought a laptop for me, I've always been dreaming to actually play modern games at least 30 FPS. Plus I love the clean design.

  32. Drissty

    Any other recommended laptops for around $700 (like this model is currently for me) that would be worth to buy over this one? The single slot memory is the main thing concerning me plus Black Friday is coming up so there’s a chance I can get better value at the price

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