Leica 10-25mm f1.7 review – HOLY GRAIL for video!


  1. Gordon Laing

    In-depth review of the Panasonic Leica 10-25mm f1.7 lens for M43!
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    Filmed with Sony A6400 and e 24mm: https://bhpho.to/2CqYrEs

  2. The Noble Savage

    As a complete novice in photography, I’m really interested in what would drive someone to spend this kind of money on m43 lenses. If you have this kind of money wouldn’t you want to spend it on a aps-c or full frame system? When is m43 a better option if cost is equal if not really really close to equal?

  3. Tony Vernon

    Subscribed….loved the review

  4. punitb

    1800 US$… or GB£.
    Cheers, Brexit.

  5. Mahmud Ahsan

    Best review of this lens. I love your reviews because you describe in many angles which really helps to decide.

  6. okinawapunter

    Does that lens work good on Olympus camera?

  7. Karel Šimůnek

    Great review and an amazing lens! Love it👍🏻 I hope that Panasonic will release GH6 with 4k120p. That and this lens and you don’t need anything else for video😀👍🏻

  8. marc henry

    I want this lens but this will cost more than 2 kidneys huhuhu

  9. Marticulate

    I really like the innovation of these types of lenses but I seriously wonder who will buy this for the price. I have the Sigma equivalent and I couldn't justify this purchase unfortunately. Most people are commenting the exact issue with the price. I have several Leica Panasonic lenses and the 42.5 is beautiful but the 8-18mm is dissapointing so I'm wary of the zooms.

  10. PollokBob64


  11. Rasmus Mattsson

    Superb review Gordon, very well done and you get all the important things in there.

    Not a videographer but it does look like an interesting photography lens as well. Price in Sweden is around $2500 dollars though so could get almost 2 F1.2 primes for that :-O

    Thanks again!


  12. Benjamin Jose Moessner

    Hello from Germany!
    I have to say, it is a great video! Thanks for this great comparison and in my case I will go for the 8-18f2.8-4 and 12-60f2.8-4.
    It is also very greatful to hear you, you speak very clear and not to fast!
    Kind regards and keep up the great work!

  13. Matt Brum

    Brilliant review as always
    I'd prefer the 8-18 and a 25 1.4
    The price and size are too much for me

  14. Allen A

    Soo expensive

  15. toywannaket

    Too big for my Pen F 🙁

  16. Shaka

    I want this. Any idea when it will be released? Thanks.

  17. Chris Klugh

    The best review for the Leica 10-25mm just yet! Thanks for comparing it directly to its competitors, the Sig 18-35mm, Leica 8-18mm and the Leica 25mm.

    But the moral of the story, super great lens if you can afford it. But if you already have the Sig and 8-18, then there really is no point in upgrading. I think the 10-25mm will become even more enticing if they make a 25-50mm(?) f1.7 match. Then those 2 lens really would cover 99% of most peoples needs.

  18. Life to go

    Hi Gordon. While vlogging with 8-18mm, the background is "wobbling" on the sides of the video/frame. Is it still the same with GH5 or G9 and 10-25mm, when not using a Gimbal? Thank you, Daniel

  19. Kai Zen

    we need a 17,5mm to 75mm F2.8-F4


    Great review! Hell of a lens! As a beginner videographer no way can I justify that price tho, I have just bought a gh5 with 18-35mm lumix lens which is great but I’m really after that sub 2.0 aperture. Can you recommend a prime/art lens a: a lot cheaper and b: I’m completely fine with having a fixed zoom.
    Any help will be much appreciated 😊

  21. Kevin Spencer

    $1800 wow

  22. Droolius

    Very awesome video! Comparisons are appreciated and showing the stills samples of food and coffee show that this could truly be the lens for me. Thanks for sharing the vlogging view, which is my main concern with this lens. Is the weight and size a factor for trying to vlog with it? No doubt it has everything I want for both video and stills. It could be the one lens I carry to create all my content. What are your thoughts for holding it for vlogging with one hand, with or without a mini tripod? Thanks!!

  23. Anonymous

    If this lens had image stabilization I would buy it for my GH5s in a heart beat. the 10mm-25mm is the perfect focal range and the 1.7 aperture is perfect for the low light shooting that I often do. However I do a lot of run and gun shooting, and while I do think stabilization is somewhat overatted, I still need at least lens stabilization to make this a worthwhile purchase.

  24. Mr. Sad

    20-50 f3.4 lens for 1800$
    u r a joke.

  25. Jon Bear

    A beast of a lens, priced accordingly to its beasties. Too beastly for me

  26. N. D.

    I don't understand why Panasonic couldn't think in the long term 10 years ago, and try to have coherence in their lenses by giving them all the clickless aperture (at least for the "Leica" badged lenses), the focus clutch (like Olympus "PRO" lenses do), etc. So many disparities throughout their lenses portfolio.

  27. Cycling switchbacks

    Not sure the point of these type of lenses at this kind of money, it's the equivalent of 20-50mm f3.4 on full frame, which at $1800 is pretty expensive.

  28. mediamannaman

    Very well done, especially enlightening comparing it to the 8-18, as well as pros/cons for video vs stills. Thanks!

  29. RP

    Lens breathing sucks like a beach without sand. Cleared the air now.

  30. Lee Donohue

    I wonder though… 10-25 at F1.7 vs 18-35 at 1.2/1.3 (with speedbooster), how noticable the extra bit of light is?

  31. Lee Donohue

    super excited for this lens! my go-to is the gh5 and sigma 18-35 like many others and there are only two things that bug me about that set-up, the weight and the fact that i have to use a speedbooster, i want to keep the set up as minimal as possible, so far there has not been a single mft that made me think to give up the old set up until now!

  32. Lakshman s

    I'm really torn between the XT3 and the G9 and lens choices seem aplenty. This lens oozes quality and somehow, makes me want to pick a camera up someday lol (mobile phone dweller :P)

  33. David Frisken

    So if you are after a landscape lens that is sharp across the frame, the 8-18mm is the better lens.

  34. NXN Music

    Will be see a 25-50 1.7?

  35. NXN Music

    The G9s autofocus is actually really good! Very underrated

  36. NXN Music

    If it went to 35mm or 40 it would be a no brainer for me. As that’s my most used focal length of my 12-35 2.8

  37. MagicGateCinema

    Leica 12mm 1.4 + M.Zuiko 25mm 1.2 = no better solutions in the m4/3 system – in my opinion of course …Leica 10-25mm f1.7 is certainly a great zoom. but it is also very big and heavy…
    But I'm afraid that it is too late for me to buy this lens … too much has already happened on the market. He also showed a lot of Lumix in S1 and S1R to buy this lens … The premiere of this lens should be connected with the new GH6 !!! What is the future of m4/3?

    Or maybe it's "The last of the Mohicans" ???
    GH5 / GH5s are great but Panasonic tell us more about your plans !!!

    At such a price … so far I have no plans to buy this lens. More waiting for new lenses for Lumix Full Frame.

  38. Blammo

    This is the best review I've found for any micro 4/3ds lens. Thank you Gordon Laing for your talents and diligence.

  39. 陈一峰

    This is absolutely an awesome lens.

  40. Summer2015

    Gosh, who would expect 8~18mm look sharper in the corner than 10~25mm?

  41. Gerald Undone

    Nice and thorough as usual, Gordon. Appreciate this. Cheers!

  42. Matthew Lally

    As a m4/3 concert photographer this looks like the perfect lens. I can ditch the Olympus 7-14 f2.8, Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8, 15mm f1.7 and 25mm f1.4 without giving up much at all.

  43. Steven Douglas

    Imagine if you were an Alien, just landed on Earth… you'd think there was a mass beaching along the seafront… hope they don't get thrown back in 🤣

  44. raksh9

    Very thorough and useful tests. Thank you, Gordon.

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