LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle review! 60226

LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle review! 60226

Up-close look at the main space shuttle set from LEGO’s summer 2019 lineup with two astronauts, two drones, and a surface rover.

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  2. Steinestecker

    40 USD? I bought it for under 20 EUR in Germany 😁

  3. MrTomemac

    Finally caved after months and got this set and the space station. This theme is top notch stuff and brings back a ton of good memories. But the best part is that my children love these sets and allow dad to play with them and join in their space adventures. Thanks for the reviews Jang.

  4. RiU_XD

    they had a good looking space shuttle canopy, that was made from white and black plastic… that would have worked so much better

  5. matzer1110

    Ime gona moc two of these to make it bigger

  6. Mike C

    I build the Saturn V ans it's awesome. This is my next set.

  7. Kai Kiat Yeo

    I hope Lego Group really listen up Jang’s opinions, because those are not only his own opinion, he is really voice out for us.

  8. Everbodylovesjames Theabandonedrobloxaccount

    They aren’t just testing a drone on mars there also planning to land a drone on Saturns moon titan witch has a thick atmosphere and is the size of murcury

  9. Mike C

    I bought it today with Saturn V and small space movie set. The rubber band is a shame…

  10. Instant Kill

    Does the shuttle actually connect to the space station?

  11. erstla

    The canopy initially was a bit of a let down but when I look at it again, I actually think it's kind of cool. It kind of reminds me of a more traditional shuttle from the 80's – 90's… quite nice 😀

  12. Oscar Delta

    Because the propeller drone is built upside down, you can mate the bottom of it with the bottom of the container drone to create a propelled cargo drone (looks similar to the NASA illustration at the end of the instructions). The whole assembly can be stored on the back of the rover (propeller side down) via the use of that hitch on the back of the rover.
    You can also store the propeller drone (by itself) pretty snuggly under one of the wings.

  13. Gregory Betances

    This space shuttle reminds me of one of those secret aircrafts except this is white mostly. Ima prolly just get this as a jet.

  14. Steve harvyeet

    To be honest, I don't like the new helmets with the big blue visor. My favorite helmet is the motorcycle style helmet with the gold visor in Mars Mission, I also love the EMU from Space Port.

  15. Pp Poo poo

    Anyone know the brick ID of the dark orange 2×2 cheese slope and 2×4 plate? I couldn’t find either on Bricklink.

  16. evil zebra

    Hmmm… Lets get this one BOIIIS!!!

  17. federico pavanetto

    I've just built this set, I think it's nice, but it seems to me that 2 of the hinge panels are white while the other 2 panels are slightly yellowed.

  18. Cid The Kid

    I wish this incorporated the interlocking aspect that the larger sets of this sub theme have.

  19. Super Luigi Cat

    I think they’re making this series for when we raid Area 51

  20. Sacha Ketchum


  21. Ewan Long

    Does anyone know what the colour is called for the mars terrain parts I'd like to find out to start my mars moc

  22. The Lucky Shamrock

    i am a space geek i love space stuff so if i see space stuff = -£

  23. The King Of Cows

    I have this set but still looking at the review.

  24. Sky Channel

    Why just 2 minifigures???

  25. Felipe Pereira

    bought this set one week ago Im really satisfied good space set.

  26. Ian Yockey

    Hey Jang, In general how long do lego sets stay in production?

  27. CommanderLVJ1


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