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Las Vegas Is the Worst Place on Earth – John Oliver

John Oliver learns something about himself (and Mike Tyson) in Las Vegas, and recounts the best thing that’s ever happened to him on the New York City subway.

About John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show:
John Oliver hosts some of the best comedians around, including Reggie Watts, Pete Holmes, Rory Scovel and Paul F. Tompkins, in this stand-up series.

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  1. Brian Sounalath

    what was the date of this? they usually post the dates. man they posting a lot of old sets confusing us like it's new.

  2. bzacon

    It's better than in Seoul where people are skinny enough to fit between the train door and the platform door. Sometimes the train driver just leaves anyway and kills the semi-passenger.

  3. Walter V

    Wow I literally clicked on the video just because the title is so fucking true. Just moved out to Florida from Vegas 2 months ago. I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE LEFT THAT SHIT HOLE.

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