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Justice Dept trying to block Google, Facebook, China-backed undersea cable

Marching slowing to Skynet, we are.

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  1. Sitting Super Sheeple

    death to the silly-con-valley but I won't have to do it by myself because the robots will do it for me haha. but seriously the silly-con-valley is evil but justice is on its way: they're building their own frankenstein that will kill 'em all sic. psycho elites like Bill Gates are personly commited to emperialism and deeply intertwined with the liberal globalist from DAVOS ergo they penned their own names onto the kill list of the „killer robots“ of the future haha. robot based „terrorism“ is the future of activism… with a genuine thinking AI everybody can fight the power and stand up against evil!!! death to the silly-con-vally!!!!

  2. Kunzang Khandro

    You are right… with a slight divergence source: it is NOT the "big techs" that is the threat… it is "the deep state" that has bought "big techs" by paying them to create this reality for "them"…. they are juste the puppets of hidden world leaders that wants to establish world control and domination.

  3. Paul Peltier

    Here is a concept, Why not suspend their license to operate until they comply to the government regulations of not sleeping with the enemy.

  4. Bundle of Perceptions

    Hate to break the news to ya, but the western countries lost their sovereignty to the corporations a long time ago. And you believe just because DOJ claims they are taking this action for National Security concerns, that is why they are really taking this action. Yer so funny.

  5. DetroitMicroSound

    The earth is ALREADY WRAPPED in communications cabling of various types. One more is irrelevant no matter which two continents it connects.

  6. marsha woods

    Guess will have to go back to using telephone books and having conversations face-to-face and maybe even writing letters. Wow what a concept

  7. Michigan Daddy

    The cost of living is extremely high with or without tariffs , I'm not a huge fan of Trump … but I think taking drastic means to halt the Chinese from their onslaught of control is not a bad thing. Suppose you gotta start somewhere… its times like these that I wish the human race could learn to get along; peace is so precious we should cherish it.

  8. Ali Khan

    LOL…New emerging countries Google and Facebook where? in the West? East has no room for it. How much is for the passport? don't worry I'm not paying That scumbag MARK will pay.!

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