Joker: Jared Leto Upset Over Joaquin Phoenix Movie – IGN Now

Joker: Jared Leto Upset Over Joaquin Phoenix Movie – IGN Now

DC’s new Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix may be breaking box office records and garnering awards attention, but not everyone is happy about the flick starring Batman’s arch-nemesis. According to a report by THR, Suicide Squad Joker actor Jared Leto wasn’t exactly happy about the new film.


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  1. Montravius Daniel

    I feel bad for Jared Leto. No one asked him to return as the Joker. Heath Ledger did a great job too. I just want Jared Leto back! Please!

  2. Elmo

    Jared Leto wasn’t isn’t a bad actor, He was just dealt a bad hand

  3. ThePunkPanther


  4. TheMrfoxguy

    Jared go away already no one likes you.

  5. Charlotte Buchanan

    I feel bad for Jared now.

  6. Molkri

    Jared Leto: You upset me, Joaquin
    Joaquin: Said by the guy who did the worst joker

  7. MrSucc

    Whoever wrote this character is really bad at writing.

  8. Indice Pourbattesti

    Jared leto is the worst joker

  9. joshua Davis

    Jared Leto was the worst Joker ever

  10. Thanh Nguyen

    The guy on the left looks a lot like Pedro Pascal to me.

  11. just another human

    not seen "The Joker" & i do like joaquin phoenix but the video game "Arkham Asylum" has to be the ultimate all-time joker

  12. Joe Higgins

    I feel like an entire film on Letos Joker would exhausting to watch lol

  13. Yong jer shiuan

    A joke upset with a joker…

  14. Evan Peltier

    Pheonix's Joker: gets thrown into society
    Leto's Joker: gets thrown into a cloud of vape smoke

  15. Dabrutalsom6

    Awe poor baby make me care

  16. jayjALISter

    Jared Letos joker was a FAILURE! its a trying hard JOKER!Joaquins was EPIC!!!

  17. Akshay Devadiga

    Joaquin phoenix & Heath are The Joker
    Jared Leto is just…a Joke….of the Joker 👌😂

  18. LordKellthe1st

    Joaquin: all i have are negative thoughts
    Leto: all i have are negative reviews

    Joker 2019 is a masterpiece imho

  19. A_sR_tHe_NiGhT 37

    I don't know why leto is upset about Joaquin's joker …they even made a tribute to leto's joker by putting a lot of garbage bags in the movie

  20. Christopher Norris

    BUUUU cry more, pretty-boy.

  21. forcewear sorcewear

    I had to go see that it was different just like suicide squad seemingly to be different but so much DC comics

  22. forcewear sorcewear

    Except for the Black panther I had to see that

  23. Matt K.

    Joaquin’s Joker is EXTREMELY better than Leto’s Joker, but I felt Leto did well for fitting the theme of Suicide Squad (which is also trash)

  24. Amino Jack

    I mean he does look more like a vampire than a clown 😂😂😂

  25. Chue Lor

    How does a gothic emo joker who had 12 seconds of screen time even have fans

  26. DragonNomak

    you know what,s the biggest joke ever, it,s been 3 years since the release of Suicide Squad and i haven't watched it yet lol i mean i,m gonna watch it just to compare it to Joker

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