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Joe Rogan Experience #1355 – Mark Normand

Mark Normand is a stand-up comedian and actor. Check out his podcast “Tuesdays with Stories!” with co-host Joe List available on Apple Podcasts.


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  1. Johnny Eclectic

    There's some shocking teeth in those photos, but remember the guys with those sorts of teeth probably had clothing and shoes made by family members, never went to school, and the most high tech thing they saw before the war was a traction engine, which was probably shared between theirs and 20 other farming families. Also people who grew up in an era where the best you could do for dental hygeine was chewing a stick and a piece of clove, and you could die from a grazed knee.

  2. Zeno of Caledonia

    I disagree with the anti-vegan sentiment though. Sure animals that can't get out of the way of the harvester quick enough will die, however this is dwarfed by the cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industry. Animals shouldn't be captured, milked, and processed for their meat. Joe talking about fair treatment farming is his own Utopian ideology and there just wouldn't be enough space on the planet to feed all of us, hence the need for competitive factory farming. Also it's not as if these animals don't suffer, they would still need to be milked daily and held in captivity before being slaughtered. It's all part of the same problem that arises by eating meat. He is justifying his own lifestyle choices, just like all the other people who don't want to sacrifice something they like for the greater good, do. The question is, do we continue to breed animals into a life of forced captivity and enslavement or do we end the cycle of suffering and switch to a plant based diet, things that have no facilities to suffer? Also saying that animals have a superior life in captivity as they won't be eaten by other animals well, that is not our choice to make. The same way the slave owners that said slaves had a better life under the governance of the white man rather than being a savage in Africa, did. It's along the same vein of thinking.

  3. Zeno of Caledonia

    That story about the transvestite surrogate father really got to me around 1:20:30 He really opened up and things got real! You see the deeply painful childhood required to be a good comedian. Took them a while to cleanse the pallet after that story, there fatty!

  4. Christian Le

    1:49:41 Joe- "When John Wick was driving that 1970 Chevelle"
    Mark has auditory orgasm
    Joe, continuing- "White with the black stripes.." (which is the literal opposite of Wick's car)
    Mark- "Baby Dolllllll! That is a fun time."
    Joe gives Jamie a "This nigga…" look

  5. Kyle Cooper

    Mark Normand is hilarious. On a side note, I just hit a deer while listening to the podcast while driving. I may have to start hunting for the first time in my life this year.

  6. Daniel Crowe

    The answer to the rape joke question for me : people's imaginations are more powerful than any image they look at. A rape joke played through in your head is worse than what you see on screen.

  7. Anoni.mouse same

    Joe should stop letting people kick him in the face . Or wear a veil for fuck sake, you start looking like a Shrek with chromosomes and teeth missing.

  8. Giles Austin

    joe is such a hypocrite when it comes to meat-eating vs. vegan/vegetarianism it's painfully cringey. he always says he's not on any teams and the problems with people today is they get a on a team and get cult-ish, meanwhile he is 100% on team meat. His statement about the greenhouses gases completely misses the point and ignores so much of the other environmental issues caused by animal agriculture. when discussing anything else involving stats he is always quick to say "don't listen to me, i could be totally wrong" but with meat, he's just spewing shit and believes it whole heartedly as fact and would probably get defensive and offended if his guest ever challenged him on it. open your mind a little bit joe, because you sound really ignorant every time you use the chipmunks getting killed in grain collection or the 3% of greenhouse gases come from cow farts excuse, its super intellectually dishonest.

  9. Jonas Wilson

    Hey Joe why you always ratting out Jordan Peterson this is like the third time I've heard you rat him out about going to rehab that that dude live down his demons once in awhile

  10. Swann

    The Tesla is not the fastest production car recorded on the Nürburgring (not saying it’s exactly what Joe said), nor the fastest electric or production electric. It doesn’t even register on the top 20. It’s in the 250 mph realm with the Lykan or Saleen but behind both Koenigsegg, the Aero, both Bugatti and both Hennessey. The Venom is already 3 years old and is still untouchable at 318 mph.

    Now of course those aren’t electric. The best lap on the Nürburgring is held by the Porsche Evo at 5:19. The Tesla is a toy compared to that or the Volkswagen electric recorded at 6:05. The NIO is also faster. Lexus, Corvette, Gumpert, Mercedes, Nissan, Viper, Porsche, Lambos, McLaren… They’re all miles above.

    In electric only, NIO, Volkswagen and Porsche are still way above. Oh and the 7:23 is held by Jaguar, not Porsche. Anyway, electric field (which is very small) or not, the Tesla is nothing special and won’t break any record whatsoever because if it did, it would have to be for a very specific « electric production car over that weight with those tires and so on », which would be so specific it would be ridiculous, and Porsche would take it back the next day with the Turbo S.

  11. CWeaveLyrical

    Absolute LIES about the vegan parents getting arrested for their children. lol all those stories are twisted and tweaked if you look up the facts behind them. And Joe "hates propaganda". lol

  12. Michael Dewey SEO Videography

    Joe please hire me to edit your vids…so when you're all looking at the screen and referring to things (like Buster Keaton) WE'RE SEEING IT TOO!!!!''' It won't cost you THAT must…c'mon you got some bucks man!!

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