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Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips on Joker | Film4 Interview Special

Actor Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips talk through working on their new movie, Joker.

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  1. Alexander Gutierrez

    You know a film is good when people are seeing it as a political threat and feel the need to "protect" their children. <3

  2. Im a pug

    Nobody could of taken that role today an do what Roquin did with it and elevate it that high. I dont see anybody touching joker anymore aslong as roquin is around lmfao

  3. Paddy Westside

    It is such an awesome film…you could almost feel whats goin on in Arthur…and the Transformation when he is kind of "really" becoming the Joker is amazing. Love it!

  4. Dalbert Tran

    Joker has got to be the most iconic, mysterious, scariest, understandable, sympathetic, and hype movie villian ever.

    Yeah take that Venom and go sick your black Venom pg13 dick.

  5. Native son _

    In this movie it is said that his mom had psychosis and narcissism and I defiantly see that in Fleck. Given his hallucinations and his prideful moments like his expression after he killed the 3rd "terrible" man in the subway, when he dances/poses, in his hallucinations (murray show and make out scene), and the full Joker hallway scene, the stairs(rainy day to sunny dance later in the movie) , taking off the mask smile on the subway scene, calmly walking past the cops while enjoying a CIGARETTE, murray show dancing, murray show kiss, murray show killing, murray show good by, the smiling that he had consistently throughout the movie to the clown riots, and the laughing(you wouldn't get it). Now Joaquin said ptsd because of the paranoia but to me it seems like persecutory type, jealous type, and grandiose type of delusions (common in schizophrenics) that probably root from the torture, lyes, and unfortunate events that the audience is presented with. He seems to be in his own world during this movie( as the audience is in this character study) and this is well represented with his journal and hallucinations.

  6. Darth Vader

    It’s not a spoiler since it’s in the trailer. But my favorite scene where it shows how amazing Joaquin looks as joker is as he’s waiting to make his entrance and he is smoking.

  7. شتاء برد

    I wished if I could meet with Arthur Fleck, the character. I would have given him a big hug and supported him for as much as I can.

  8. Nicely Put

    'went to see it Sunday last. Walked in the theatre, walked out within two minutes. Disgusting, It was awful, the most horrible and uncomfortable cinema. The air con was busted. It stank and was sweltering, That was when we walked in. Can you imagine after two hours eating, breathing, sweating, shedding, laughing, farting, belching,crying, and geberally existing what an arena of ick it would have been. Was gutted, can't wait to go Sunday. Got two free sets of hot dogs and drinks out of it. Gonna go with bells on!

  9. SiiKLiiD II

    Hands down the best film of this year, and in all probability much further back.

    Finally a comic book film that is dark, relatable, and not cgi heavy.

    An epic film. Bravo.

  10. toniforrestal

    I'm so fucking happy I got to live in an era where.. while cinema has become Stale, I got to see two amazing depictions of the Joker from Joaquin and heath.

  11. Bassline Rally

    Arthur is a lonely man suffering from severe mental health problems in his life. He is on multiple medications as part of his treatment. We learn his mother suffered from Psychosis and Delusions, which could be why Arthur is Schizophrenic. Yes. Arthur has schizophrenia. None of the author’s in this video clip have touched on the issue of his mental health.

    We see a flashback shot of Arthur being in the “institution” when he first sits with the social worker (which is shown further in depth at the ending of the movie) the social worker asks why he was in there in the first place i.e. at the start of the movie! I think the latter is that his whole journey of incidents occurred but most of them are his delusions. He then ends up at the social worker, and we are encouraged by the film to believe the film follows in sequence after his interviews with the social worker. Wrong. He is out of the mental institution and is trying to reintegrate and live a normal life again.

    We see Arthur have a delusional thought when he learns that his mother has psychosis and delusions, where Arthur is present in the background whilst his younger mother is interviewed for her crimes. This is another indication that Arthur has delusions because he could not possibly be at that interview with his mother at the time. It’s in his head making his mental health worse at the same time.

    His mental health deteriorates when he is no longer given anymore medication which leads to his delusions and psychosis being heightened and then he resorts to killing and violence (in his head). Note that when he says: “I always have negative thoughts” this is his delusions and being locked and entrapped within his brain / thoughts-process and he is unable to function because of it. It is interesting to note that people with mental health problems have negative thoughts.

    He locks himself away in the fridge but yet is perfectly normal the next day when he received the call for the Murray show.

    This movie is basically a psychological thriller.

    The ending with Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed is just a heads up from the movie makers and its a canny scene. They have put it in deliberately to make it seem as though the film is related to the whole Batman legacy. But this film is more about the Joker and his mental health problems. And how his mental health ultimately impacts his actions making him have psychotic episodes. His mental health spirals out of control when he is no longer on the medication. He imagines that he has killed Murray (Di Niro) as these are his dark delusions because of his psychosis. He only kills people (in his mind) – only those who have betrayed him or hurt him in some way. The shooting on the train with the guys from Wall St. is in his head and never actually shoots them. It is his imagination as though it has Empowered him that he was able to beat the bullies off for once and it is also after this that when he becomes a darker person and it is when his mental health starts to deteriorate when he imagines his love affair and his stand up sketch which then gets replayed on TV on the Live Murray Show, at the hospital. He says people are starting to notice him now because he had fought back. It’s made him feel empowered.

    With my analysis, there’s no need for further years of debate surrounding the mysteries or unanswered questions of this movie as I’ve just given you the blueprint 🙋‍♂️

  12. Anthony Brown

    If they honestly snub Joker on best picture, im never gonna look at the fucking academy the same and neither will most audiences. Hands down the best movie of the year and people gotta quit it with the comparrisons, these all are different characters and they all did really well, no, leto doesnt fucking count smgdh

  13. Anns Mahboob

    Okay, don't shoot me but his movie is overhyped. Just watched it a few hours ago and Phoenix is incredible but the movie as a whole is disappointing. The plot has no cohesion and the story at the end lacks a strong message. Many parts ((no spoilers)) are thrown in quickly and then taken out quickly. Go in expecting an acting masterclass, not an oscar worthy movie.

  14. Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011

    After watching Joker I can't stop thinking Joaquin Phoenix has a voice very similar to Mark Hamill. Which is great.

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