Ji Hyo Accepts Jong Kook Jauntily. "Honey~ Let's go!" [Running Man Ep 442]

Ji Hyo Accepts Jong Kook Jauntily. "Honey~ Let's go!" [Running Man Ep 442]

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  1. #Jerung Liar

    Why Jinyoung seem like different…
    Not like before…. always make a joke with jkk…aeygo I mean

  2. Daniel Asp

    So min 💖

  3. Generiq

    too bad she changed her name

  4. Rwoo K

    I can't accept them as a couple they look like a sibilings to me not more or less😓

  5. Nurul Ainayusop


  6. j. fh

    0:39 left or right KJk?

  7. Gem Wang

    0:34 ji hyo sounds so manly like a husband and Jong-kook looks like the wife.

  8. Siti Nurfatthah

    which episode is this

  9. cin cin

    Chemistry is Song Jong Ki and Song Ji Hyo

  10. htee htee

    jihyo looks cute

  11. Park Jimin

    Aye, spartace moment. The best duo and the strongest team 😂

  12. J Ci ロンリープラネット

    jihyo and jongkook look really well together ♡

  13. vie vie

    Can request yoon eun hye guest star running man😋😋next episode

  14. دولة القزاز

    What is theis episode please

  15. Suhaida Hamizi

    I don't like somin😌😌

  16. Die Miee

    Why i got this kind of feeling..i don't like so min?🤔🤔she's do nothing wrong to me?? Omg..so weird. M so sorry so min for this weird feeling

  17. MinhXpit

    jin young may smile but hurt inside

  18. Daunie Kim

    can they all just take turns being each other's partner? I mean sometimes it looks really forced even though imm like aww so sweet. But yeah

  19. 89소피

    kwangmin and spartace <3<3

  20. Zulbakribaharin Belop

    Why is always Ji Hyo and Jong Kook?Why~😥😥😥

  21. Kirsten Hee

    Sechan obviously wants Jongkook and Jihyo to be paired up again.

  22. Miss Han

    Its cute how Somin called Haha as "DongHoon oppa" instead of "Haha oppa". It felt more family

  23. Monica_HardEXO-L

    Sorry you guys, but i'm not Spartace or Monday Couple Shipper, I'm SS Shipper😁😁 But, i wish ji hyo unnie get married soon with someone who have good personality
    (Sorry if my english mess)

  24. Concepcion Roxas

    So min and kwang So they are in good term..

  25. Bella Swan

    "You two look good together"….~ Hong jinyong! … I swear it wasn't sincere 😂

  26. Aye Sha

    I would really love to see jihyo and jongkook get married, even if not to each other but it would be super nice if they finally settle down

  27. Hermione Granger

    Next time “Running Man” has to make a episode of Jin Young VS Ji Hyo

  28. Mister Skull

    I miss kang gary😢😢

  29. Jiyoung Oh

    I still love those old SpartAce hidden moments than their moments these days. It look like they're just faking it. So forced. Not like the old days where they always comfortably having skinships that isn't easily noticed unless you pay much attention to them. Argghhh But still I love SPARTACE!!!! Fan since 2010!

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