Jet Set Radio (PC) Review – Heavy Metal Gamer Show


  1. Antonis Papadatos


  2. siciliangamer

    Played this on DC when it came out and at the time there was nothing like it. I was blown away. It is still very unique.

  3. Gaming Imperfectly

    Never played this but it looks fun! I liked the vid. Big thumbs up from me. I really enjoyed the look of this game. The graphics are excellent for a older game. Anyway great video and I'm glad I found your channel :)🤘👍

  4. BlackMetalGods

    I played the sequel first before finally playing the first game on Steam. I really liked the sequel on Xbox but I haven't really played the original one that much. I need to get on that when I get finished with the other 1000+ games I also need to play lol.

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