Japan Airlines Economy Sky Wider Seat Review.
Come and fly Japan Airlines with me in Economy Class on the Boeing 777-300ER from Tokyo to London.

JAL Economy Class Review HND-LHR
JAL Sky Wider Seats – Economy Class Review of the Sky Wider seat

Japan airlines recently won skytrax’s award for best economy seat in 2018 with its Economy Sky Wider seat. The product is a very nice economy seat and I had a really enjoyable flight with them from Tokyo to London.

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Japan airlines flight 43
Depart: Tokyo (HND)
Arrive: London (LHR)
STD: 11:30am (ADP: 11:52am)
STA: 3:10pm (ATA: 2:52pm)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Reg: JA740J
First Flight: 24th Aug 2008
Delivered to Airline: 30th Aug 2008
Seat: 53K
Flight Time: 11h 47M
Meal Service: Lunch & Snacks

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  1. AlyKazam

    Thank you for this review!

  2. Daniel Levinson

    I'm 6'4" so thanks for sharing your height!!

  3. 人生艰辛s a n a

    Omg this brings back so many memories! I remember going from Japan to U.S.

  4. Ma Sharlyn Navia

    Was the food free in JAL? 😊

  5. Josh Asprey

    🤣🤣🤣sorry James..but your hair again..
    thanks for this great vid..I have not flown Y Class since ages and you vid report is giving me the feeling as if I am flying Economy myself.
    JL seems to have a great Economy product

  6. c

    that's soba!!!! not ramen

  7. One World Flyer

    Another lovely video James!

  8. Whee Motorbus Cooperation Ltd.

    Lovin how the weather was brilliant throughout the flight right up to the the descent over the UK

  9. Daveu88 Sanderson

    Hi James
    A great video, I always believe that you judge an airline on its economy cabin and not its first or business class. It was a true reflection on the airline, it looked very comfortable and the food looked good too.
    PS… I would change your hairdresser mate👶👶👶
    Kind regards

  10. Anh Minh Tran

    God bless JAL for using 3-3-3 economy configuration on their B77W

  11. Brad Biles

    Nice Video!! I think I have said it before, but if I haven't, I love your arm tattoo. I would like to know more about the design. See you next time. Have Fun 🙂

  12. Jim McCuin

    I know in the past you mentioned that Japan airlines is one of your favorites.

  13. Daniel Hammond

    Lovely views. Thank you for the video!

  14. Yossef Harel

    Hey, do you think JAL's economy class is better than ANA's class?

  15. Ian Holliday

    A great video will try Japan Airlines on the new Melbourne – Tokyo service

  16. Colin Cofield

    Dang! ANA was #7 in that area.

  17. Steve Bee

    Great review James….looks like a decent experience for a long haul economy class…thanks.

  18. Paul Prewer

    Great video, looks the airline to fly economy.

  19. Michael Gask

    A great detailed review. Food and drink looked good, views were stunning, but my favourite part was your early-morning hair at the beginning. 😃 Kind of how I'm looking now, but I don't carry it off as well. Enjoy your next flight, James.

  20. Oswaldo Öberg

    Awesome review. I would like to fly JAL and ANA someday soon.

  21. 1ytcommenter

    Nice video. Like it. I would like to travel with you one day.

  22. walterwlim

    At 0:10, your hair reminds me of The Adventures of Tintin. Another excellent video !

  23. Jaberou Journey

    Really good report as usual 👍
    Nice to see Haneda is easier than Narita to get in and out. Last year I flew ANA to Narita and this October get a chance to fly Japan Airlines, to Haneda. Looking forward to compare them both. ANA was an amazing experience for 13hrs in first class. 😊

  24. Lucky Me

    How bizarre! There is a woman wearing a mask ON THE PLANE!! Only in Japan.

  25. Karl P

    JAL is great. I notice that airlines like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, JAL who have excellent BC also have excellent EY, it's just because they are good airlines with the right attitude to customer service and comfort. I remember during the BA strike when Qatar filled in the gaps, many passengers in EY were astonished at the quality over BA, for example.

  26. claus stimpfig

    uups I did not notice so far that you are "inked"…

    First of all metal cutlery. This is Always Lifting up an inflight meal in eco.

    Meal looked really tasty and sufficiant.I have seen some JAL First class Videos recently and was under the Impression that this is an outstanding Airline (I have never been on board JAL..and I flew so many Airlines…)

    So it is good for me to get that eco Impression which is satisfying thank you

  27. NYC Flyer

    I love the make your own noodle kit!

  28. Rob ert

    haha! every time I see what looks like a "good vid/review" its you! thanks pal!

  29. sheella113

    just saw some other reviews on JAL. Happy that you also have one =]

  30. Chatta290

    Looks good but the lack of amenity kits surely means this can’t be the best economy airline? Seems no better than Qatar

  31. Si B

    Do you offset your carbon emissions? Tokyo to London alone represents around 1.8 tonnes

  32. Andrew Watson

    Nice review. Nice food and a good idea to give little snacks out between the meals, that is a nice touch. The legroom in premium economy also looks fantastic.

  33. Pierre Nine

    Thanks for the review James. Japan Airlines gets consistently positive feedback in any class. An economy cabin that offers a seat pitch of 34 inches surely demonstrates some consideration for its passengers. Anything above 31 inches these days seems to be considered generous! The cabin crew are always gracious and hospitable too.

  34. Kenneth Smith

    Thanks for the review, very informative. I’m flying to Narita from Sydney on 787 in JAL economy. Looking forward it 👍

  35. Michael Wootton

    I kept getting there adverts for first class or business class you should try it maybe

  36. Chatchai Luangamornlert

    wow! the main meal looks good

  37. who are you

    that's not ramen… that's soba.. it's different

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