iOS 13.3 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.3 Beta 3 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.3 Beta 3 is now out to developers and Public beta testers along with new iPad OS 13.3 Beta 3, AppleTV, macOS and WatchOS betas. iOS 13.3 beta 3 is not very feature rich, but should fix some bugs in the background that perhaps iOS 13.2.3 fixed. Battery life will take a few days to measure on iOS 13.3 Beta 3, but I share battery life from iOS 13.3 Beta 2. In this video I go over all the new changes and updates with iOS 13.3 beta 3. #iiOS13 #iOS13.3 #apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:06 – Size
00:34 – Build number
01:12 – macOS, watchOS, and AppleTV betas
01:32 – Modem Update
02:04 – New Apple cases and Battery case
02:25 – Changes and Updates
02:45 – WiFi and LTE issues
02:15 – New features and changes
03:20 – Performance
03:33 – 3D Touch is back?
04:05 – Minecraft
04:45 – Battery life
05:45 – Benchmarks
06:51 – iPad OS
07:25 – When will iOS 13.3 release
07:39 – Conclusion
07:55 – Wallpaper
08:07 – Outro
08:17 – End

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  1. Jag14LTCDR

    Is it safe to delete the beta profile from my phone before the final release comes out? Also what’s is considered rebooting the phone?

  2. Goody

    I have a 6s plus I have many issues apps are flickering I cannot delete apps from hepatic touch the safari browser is all over the place battery drains from 100% to 50% in minutes then stays on 50% for ages I don’t know what apple are doing but it’s really garbage at the moment I’ve gave feedback on all these issues

  3. DBTIDSchaf

    I would buy an battery case but not for 150€…

  4. Armen Alexandrian

    Battery on this build is GREAT!

  5. Eye Of the Tiger

    Battery in 6S?

  6. Joville Vaz

    Out of all iOS update videos I’ve watched on YouTube, you make the best ones. Keep up the good work. 👍

  7. Burnt Elbow

    Did they fix the wide camera on facetime calls?

  8. cryptic animous

    Apple: Bringing out more updates.
    Android: Are you copying me?

  9. Paula H

    Are there any VoiceOver bugs in the new Beta?

  10. Alvinator Jk

    I just encountered a bug where all my buttons and touch screen are unresponsive and I had to force reboot. Is it a iOS 13.3 beta bug? BTW I'm on iPhone XR

  11. Stefan Steenkamp

    It has not yet been released in South Africa! 😢

  12. David Kim

    @Aaron, iPhone 11 pro max. i can’t take a screenshot is not working at all. Is it just me or is a common issue? Rebooted my phone several times and still the same… even with assistive touch it wont work. Any help will be appreciated

  13. Cricket Vallee

    I found out on iOS13.3 you can do WiFi password Sharing you should do a video on that

  14. Liam Darling

    Why do Shortcuts in the widget panel still not work 😡

  15. Bir Kullanıcı

    Apple still didnt fix battery life and many bugs. So open signature and lets turn ios 12 . Apple may contuniu play with ios 13 ….Samsung give 2,5 day battery life … Apple fuck ur battery codes. Same mobile with ios 12 was perfect but u fuck it with ios 13…Change ur workers .At last ı will turn samsung

  16. Bearded Villain

    My network is not stable on iPhone 8 Plus
    But on my s9plus network is stable and it’s working amazing

    Hope this update fix my problem

  17. Retsat Asupre

    i bought an iphone 11 and i have it for 17 days now. i owned a samsung s7 edge for 3 years and i thought buying the iphone 11 is a worth upgrade. but im wrong. i have no problem with the UI and camera cuz for me its the best in the market. but when it comes to LTE connection, for me its the worst phone. i have experiences of lost connectivity from time to time even if i have great reception and full signal strength. its kinda frustating to have lost connectivity in the middle of the game or watching videos. i constantly updated the software whenever it is available and still experiencing lost internet. xiaomi phones with price lower than 200 dollars are having great LTE connectivity. is this due to the hardware? or bugs on ios 13? i really wanted to experience apple ecosystem for a change and based on my experiences to be honest im totally dismayed considering that this is my first iphone and want to return back the phone to my carrier if possible and go back to android. i hope they will do something about this. 😔

  18. saud al arfaj

    I hope it solves the bugs of the previous one

  19. Joe Schnooky

    When do you think it’ll come out? My iPhone 8plus keeps getting no service 😔

  20. Wendy Mogul Photo Real Estate Photography

    Anyone having trouble posting YT videos to FB coming out blank since the last update.. they post fine from my desktop to it is a phone issue.. let me know.. I am using an iPhone Xr

  21. JP Huwaè

    This update improve the battery in my iPhone X. Still not as good as iOS 11/12

  22. bbr7287

    This is the worst update ever. face ID pops up every five minutes😤

  23. Seyi Williams

    Hey guys what’s the feedback with battery and overheating with this update?????

  24. Shayk Hammad

    Should I update from 12.4 to 13.3 beta?

  25. Luno's Lunacy

    Battery life was fine on iPhone XR 13.3 beta 2

  26. lovellybeauty

    How about they fix the WiFi issue on my Xs my WiFi will disconnect randomly while I’m using my phone it’s annoying although I have unlimited data my phone data doesn’t work at my job so I’ll connect to the WiFi. I’ve been using this WiFi for over 2 years now and it just randomly disconnects constantly while I’m sitting in one spot!!

  27. Tony Cole

    I’ve got a new spotlight mode on my camera with iPhone 11 Pro. Must have come with beta 3 as not there before.

  28. Santiago Cervantes

    No leak on ios14?

  29. OC Bus Fan

    Is it just me, or my Wi-Fi connectivity has been crazy ever since the first iOS 13 beta. Sometimes when on Wi-Fi it would take a while for a webpage to load but then when I pull up control center, the page finishes loading.

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