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Instagram Dark Mode is here (for real)

Instagram Dark Mode just hit iOS and Android. I’ve got an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 13 and the latest version of Instagram (v114) – to enable dark mode, just turn on dark mode *on your phone* and Instagram will adjust accordingly. On Android, opt into the developer version of Instagram, and if you’re on Android 10 with dark mode, it will work automatically.

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  1. Vicente Salazar López

    I have a Xiaomi Mi A2 lite with Android 9 and my Instagram has the dark mode like for default. I can't change it. I'm not mad at it but I can't change it.

  2. єгzค รєภקคเ

    I don't have a dark mode setting on my android, rip. I have an invert setting, but it makes all the pictures look odd.

  3. Jayne Nicoletti

    You can do it through app even if you are in light mode overall on Droid. I have dark mode everywhere so I love it. Wish FB would jump on board.


    On a S9 it's trash af, having the home, back, tab buttons white while the insta is black feels wrong and i hate i cant turn it off without changing the phone itself to white mode

  5. Đ мαlfσу

    I'm using Honor play mobile on android 9.. am a beta version of this app installed with latest updates. I still don't have dark mode on my instagram. Interesting thing is that my phone doesn't have any night or dark mode option . Damn 😭

  6. suzmitha mary jose

    Yes this update is life changing and I'm absolutely enjoying my dark mode insta♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. purefire21

    Instagram just fooled everyone to update to dark mode but at the same time took away who following and other things. They not slick

  8. 23KingTroy

    Dark mode on IG I don't like it lol I like it for my phone not IG 😂 I wonder if there's a way to go back to what it was without me taking dark mode off my phone

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